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Meet Yaser and Samantha… We captured their love on the campus of UC Bekeley… I love it when couples have a special place that we can shoot! They spent a lot of their time dating in Bekeley when Yaeser was going to law school there. 

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Last fall I got a call from Miss Kayla… it was early on a Saturday morning and I could almost feel the excitement in her voice… She called me to tell me the story of how Trevor had proposed the night before and start the dreaming for their beautiful wedding day! Their wedding perfect! There […]

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I can’t hardly believe it’s here… Peter is graduating… When did he grow up? Meet my youngest brother Peter… Seems like just yesterday we were watching blues clues and playing with his pet chicken Fluffy… but right before my eyes he grew up… And I adore this kid… This kid who pretty much towers over […]

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This little guy amazed me as we spent the afternoon with his cute little family! We sang all sorts of songs filled with color filled lyrics and enjoyed capturing this sweet smile. The light was so buttery rich as it danced across their pumpkin patch and lit up sweet face! It reminds me of how […]

Welp…  We are so stinking close to being officially licensed for our foster adoption… but we  now need to actually have grass in our backyard and a few small other things… and we need it quick. It was kinda funny because our sweet social worker said our back yard needed to be “inviting” and I […]

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