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Good Life … ( R&R Sept 2011 )


I can’t believe he is is almost a year already!!! We played for a bit out in front of Papa’s shop. I needed to get one good one for his birthday party invites… and the momma in me came out… I came out with a few more than just one. I couldn’t hardly decide! It shocks me how fast he has grown and changed! And it seems like just yesterday we were here with Rhian. I feel like most days – with two small kiddos and two small businesses – we are just in survival mode. So I thrive on moments like these (both with and without my camera) where I can just enjoy them… and giggle lots with them!He is just so yummy! This picture below is pretty much my favorite from the entire afternoon! So boyish… so full of life… so full of sunshine! Any guesses about what disney character he reminds me of in this picture?Ok… so this picture above would normally be considered an outtake… but it pretty much represents our life for the first year of his life!!! Full of spit up… and LOTS of it! Kinda gross!! He is all boy! It probably took him less than 10 minutes to get completely dirty! Just check out those dirty feet… I love it!And she makes me laugh because she always seems so serious in pictures… but she is such a silly girl!She is a singer… always has a song in her step (even if it’s one she made up on the fly)


This is the first time… that I have put together a video fusion slideshow for my own kiddos… and I love them all the more. It’s so much fun to take a bit of video and combine it with the still photos to just capture every essence of who they are. I normally edit out most of the sound but I love listening to Jared as he gets all silly getting Ryder to laugh, and I love Ryder’s sweet giggle… and how when Rhian finds a screwdriver she exclaims “it’s the perfect size.” I think keeping the sound isn’t quite as “polished” but I love every essence of it! I added in a two songs that we dance to right now… it seems like whenever we put on these songs for our kitchen dance parties… both kids but especially Ryder breaks out into dance. Ahhh – melt my heart! Consider yourself warned… this slideshow is a little longer than normal – but I just couldn’t part with their cuteness! Plus this is a slideshow that we will keep as our keepsake… for my kiddos.

Capturing my kiddos helps to inspire me when I capture other kids! I realize how quick they change and when I looked back at every little expression I fell in love with them all over again! I am so thankful to have these memories of both Rhian and Ryder and I am so thankful that I can capture special moments just like these for other families.




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