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Simply Inspired by you friend… {Heuvel Family Adventures in Vancouver, WA}


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I have been working away today with all sorts of sessions trying to get caught up… So I took a short break from my client photos to reminisce, share and blog a few photos from our little adventure to Washington. We went up so I could go to a Wedding Photography Workshop which was A*M*A*Z*I*N*G (vintage airplanes, Pierson air museum, and a gorgeous couple… need I say more?) and I will be sharing more from that later but we also got to spend lots of time with The Morris family, and other treasured friends from our church family back there. We had a dinner/game night and Jared and I both laughed so hard we had side aches the next day! Maffia couldn’t have been any more fun!
ooohhh la la!!ok… so I thought I could do it! I thought I could get through writing this blog post without crying – but no such luck! I’m sitting here all sentimental and teary eyed. Meet my incredible friend Jacey. Seriously one of the most genuine people I know! She took me in when we were newbies to Vancouver… and we were friends instantly. She has taught me a lot about life! Not just how to make her secret Ranger cookies… but this girl would give you the shirt off of her back… or the bracelet off of her wrist (no joke! I now have a new friendship bracelet and I love it! ok that sounded really 4th grade girlish… ha!) I love that we can love on each other… encourage each other’s hearts… challenge each other… be real… and have lots of fun while we do it! My heart is a bit achey (is achey even a word?) because even with as much as I love our time together… leaving makes me realize how much I miss our time together like crazy! All of the girlies!!!So Rhian… meet Rhian… Years ago when we lived in Vancouver we fell in love with both of our kids names long before we were even ready for kids of our own. Rhian and Ryder… During one of my trips up to see Jacey – I asked her if she would mind if we used Rhian’s name if we had a girl (we weren’t even prego yet) Besides just loving the name Rhian for a girl… it reminded us of that time in our life and our special friendship with their family. For some reason I never pictured this day though… the day when our Rhians would meet and get to play with each other. When we lived up there Jared and I were just newlyweds enjoying the Morris family and oh how life for us has changed! It was fun to enjoy this next phase of family livin’ with them. Meet our sweet RhiansAwwweee… the Morris and Heuvel FamiliesSweet Hailey girl! I remember spending so much sweet time with this girl! Back when disney princesses and piggy back rides were cool… Now she is growing into such a caring, loving, and smart young lady! Such a little lady already! I was so blessed by how she loved on and included my little Rhian Grace all week!


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