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101 Things in 1001 days – Update


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a dream is your creative vision for your life in the future. you must break out of your current comfort zone and become comforatable with the unfamiliar and the unknown. – denis waitley

i was recently inspired by a new friend, karen stott, who had shared her list of 101 things… and i had the exciting joy of helping her cross off  driving over the golden gate bridge from her list… and it got me thinking about my dreams and aspirations… i’ll admit some of these are silly ideas but all of them impact my heart and dreams in some way. there is something incredibly powerful about writing things down and setting out for them. i think sometimes it can be easy to get caught up in the daily chaos of life and forget how to pursue goals and a bit of adventure. so with that said…i am excited for this little journey to challenge myself and to set out for an adventure… and mostly to have a little fun! and i think today… of all days of the year {my birthday} is a great day to start and share with you my list of 101 things in 1001 days…

start date: september 1, 2011

end date: may 29th, 2014

1. memorize proverbs 31

2. ride the ferris wheel at balboa island

3. do a 30 day photo challenge

4. get certified as a professional photographer (cpp)

5. go for a road trip in the cadi

6.launch the rustic poppy’s website (as of October 15th, 2011 – it’s official you can buy Jared’s frames now online at www.therusticpoppy.com )

7. bake christmas cookies with rhian… and made a really big mess

8. teach ryder how to blow kisses (October 26th, 2011 for the first time!)

9. find a great pair of jeans (October 2011 – Thanks to the lovely Jennie Gall for complete honesty)

10. make a fort with the kids in the living room and sleep in it

11. send 10 handmade cards in the mail

12. finish a tough mudder competition

13. have a real tea party with rhian

14. see phantom of the opera

15. have italy stamped in my passport

16. get a  passport

17. buy jared a laptop {yay for editing help}

18. send just because letters to my grandmas

19. have four friday family nights {in a row}

20. ice skate in rockefeller center {karen inspired}

21. upgrade to the 5d mkiii (when it finally comes out}

22. put up family photos on our wall behind the couch

23. make something with jared in his shop… power tools are a must

24. see a broadway play

25. clean off my office desk

26. reach 1,500 recollect photography  facebook fans

27. have our family photos taken by maggie holmes

28. take my kiddos to the park once a week – no phone or camera

29. go to a drive in movie… and make out with my hubby

30. go on an overnight scrapbooking weekend

31. take a paleo friendly cooking class

32. go to balboa boat holiday lights parade

33. run a 5k

34. actually do 5 diy ideas i’ve pinned on pinterest

35. take a web design class/seminar

36. drive down pch in a convertible

37. go to a photography workshop (Tori Wible Photography Workshop in Vancouver, WA – Amazing!)

38. go to the san francisco zoo

39. finally go digital with my scrapbooking

40. plant a vegetable garden

41. get cpr certified {again}

42. dance in the rain and jump in the puddles

43. go to the shooting range and shoot with jared

44. complete my sample albums

45. take an overnight trip with jared {no kiddos}(whoo hoo! South Lake Tahoe October 1, 2011)

46. take a self defense class

47. go to portland/vancouver to see treasured friends (YAY!!! October 19-23, 2011)

48. eat dinner on our fine china

49. photograph a military homecoming

50. have a scrapbooking layout published

51. fix our bath tub

52. create a fun email newsletter both recollect and the rustic poppy (on a roll… September 2011)

53. go to the city by myself and take only 150 photos… take each one with intention and thought

54. stylize a wedding shoot and team up with 4 other vendors

55. spend an entire day with no electronics

56. watch a documentary

57. make a will

58. get photography work published in print or blog

59. finish our family celebration plate (September 1st, 2011)

60. put up bathroom mirrors

61. clean out office

62. throw out/donate 150 things

63. get caught up on rhian and ryder’s digital books

64. set up an entire stylized table in the middle of a field and have a picnic with the family {inspired by karen}

65. go paint a picture with my dad

66. sell 5,000 frames with the rustic poppy 

67. pay off vanderbuilt loan

68. blog 1 personal post a week

69. complete p90x

70. take a ballroom dance class

71. go on a missions trip and share the gospel with photography

72. enter a photo into the county fair

73. sew something

74. bless 5 families with a photo shoot- capture their family memories that they might not have been able to otherwise

75. loose 10 more pounds

76. build my showit site

77. go on a back pack overnight with the family {did i mention our kids are 10months and 2 years… yep we are crazy}

78. make a new friend

79. attend wppi

80. save up for our emergency fund

81. take jared to a 49er game {while i wear a packer shirt}

82. plant a basil plant for my fresh bruschetta

83. plant a rosemary bush for my rosemary potatoes

84. buy a little black dress and go on a date with jared

85. buy a camping trailer

86. go camping for a week along the california coast

87. go country line dancing with meagan {hats and boots are a must}

88. do a photo project 52 for our family {one photo a week for a year}

89. inspire someone else to make a 101 in 1001 days list (still waiting to see someone else’s… any takers?)

90. make tiramisu from scratch

91. it’s a secret… just for jared

92. stick $5 in a jar for every thing completed in time…

93. baby no. 3???

94. make a new 101 list

95.  start in person session reveals

96.  find a way to serve someone monthly

97.  play coed softball or volleyball with jared

98. complete a coloring book with rhian

99.  tie a note on a balloon and let it go

100. spend a rainy day in pjs and watch movies all day long

101. make a digital scrapbook of my 101 things journey


so here’s the scoop… you pick 101 tangible… measurable… and attainable goals for yourself. then you give yourself 1001 days to complete your list. i’ll post a photo update  every now and then… i would love to see your list and hear how you are doing with it! please leave your thoughts in our comments section and i’d love for you to share a link to your list too!

i hope you found a little inspiration for the heart!


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