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Look who’s 3!!!


Wowza! Where have these last three years gone… I am so excited to celebrate my sweet girl and her birthday today! Everyone always tells you that each stage gets better and they are so right! I feel like her little personality continues to shine and she is such a funny kid! I’m so not sure where she comes up with all of this stuff. This week were were going through the check list for her party… went down a list of names, the cake, candles… and she out of no where said “and a parade.” I hope she’s not to disappointed when the marching band and ponies don’t arrive but she made me giggle none the less! I am so thankful to be her momma! She keeps me laughing… smiling… dancing… and she keeps me on my toes and on my knees! I admire her excitement for the world around her and I love how she watches it all and takes it all in… the aquarium was no exception!Welcome… to real life! {Pardon my comfy clothes and lack of makeup!}   CHEERS!!!




So this is our “tea milk” or sometimes it’s our “coffee milk”  Yes, she is 3 going on 13 and loves to be a big girl… so we take a bit of tea and load it with milk to make her own special treat!





















And I can’t forget about my little man! His smile says it all… He pretty much brightens every day around here! Poor little guy has been teething like crazy – but I think we almost have a full set now! Such a lover… and so handsome!


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