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Mini-Play Makeup { New Super Deluxe Kit – Pink}


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So almost every morning for months on end… I would try and duck into our room to do my makeup alone for fear that the inevitable question would arise… “Momma, Can I play with your makeup?” And as much as I loved her playing with me I didn’t want her making a mess and getting it everywhere! I started searching for makeup that could be just for her without the crazy mess!!! I searched high and low in stores and finally I took my search online which is where I discovered Mini Play Makeup.


When I showed Rhian what I had found for her she seriously gasped… and said “for me, Momma? Oh, I’m so excited!” She couldn’t hardly stand to even get it out of the cute little bag it comes in. Every piece of makeup is just like the real thing except there is no mess… or clean up! It even kinda feels real too! It’s incredible that it won’t spill or rub off on hands or clothes and it keeps her busy forever!


You can check out their website and the link to the New Super Deluxe Kit in Pink…This week she and I had a sweet time together! Jared was outside working on the yard and Ryder had already gone to bed so she and I took turns doing each other’s makeup. She was so cute she even found real money so we could pay each other and she even started her makeover with an introduction like she was a real esthetician.Frame – The Rustic Poppy


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  1. Ginny Hansen Thomas says:

    Looks precious! Love the 2nd to the last photo….. so cute! <3

  2. Joni Griepp says:

    Kori this is just too cute! What a special memory for your sweet Rhian. I still remember my first play make-up! 🙂

  3. Jodie Martin says:

    This is amazing! I am def getting some for Ella:)

  4. Kevin Joseph Coenen says:

    “she’s the best”…GPOPS!

  5. Shelly Peterson says:

    Perfect little Lady in Pink! Her favorite things! XOXO

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