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Pistol Pete { Ripon, CA – Senior Session }


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I can’t hardly believe it’s here… Peter is graduating… When did he grow up? Meet my youngest brother Peter… Seems like just yesterday we were watching blues clues and playing with his pet chicken Fluffy… but right before my eyes he grew up… And I adore this kid… This kid who pretty much towers over me! I am proud to be his sister!


Here are the top few reasons why I love him…

7. I love his artist skills… he has been known to draw quite the pictures on my dirty car windows…

6. I love that he can be open and share real life…

5. I love ( ? ) that he can make fun of me in a way that NO one else would ever get a way with…

4. I love how hard he works at Baseball and how committed he is to what he loves…

3. I love his playful sense of humor… even if it is at my expense…

2. I love how he loves and plays with my kiddos! My kiddos just stinking love their Uncle Pete!!!

1. I love him… for just being him!!!

Seriously I just love these photos below! The smile on both of their faces just makes my heart happy! I remember being a little girl and how much I loved my uncles… It warms my heart seeing both Uncle Pete and Uncle Jordan love on my kiddos… These photos just below were stinkin’ hilarious because Rhian actually tried to hide behind Peter and played a little peek a boo with me… as if I literally couldn’t see her. Silly girl!!! 


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  1. Robin Reichard says:

    Great pictures….Peter so handsome, love his smile.

  2. Karla Boone-Grover says:

    These are AMAZING!!!! Great job.

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