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She makes my heart sing!!!


There is no manual… no pep talk… no book that can really… I mean really prepare you to be a momma. This sweet girl continues to make my heart sing pretty much on a daily basis! Especially through this season of life that has been filled with a few unexpected blessings… our days have just been a bit harder than usual… And she just continues to be such a little sunshine. And fills our days with giggles! She has such a sweet sweet heart and is so loving towards her brothers… all three of them ( most of the time 🙂 I am constantly challenged by her to see the world the way she does still absolutely filled with wonder and I love escaping with her to this little pretend world for some playtime…

On her birthday we took a little walk through the orchards and captured her just the way she is today… She is changing so fast every day and every stage gets more and more fun with her… but I don’t want to forget her the way she is today! This first one also makes me laugh! She has had a little serious side of her even since she was a baby… but don’t let that fool you by the time we were taking the last shots she was in complete stitches with her silly faces!Dance a little dance!!!
This first one was her… “Seriously Momma?” Look… followed by her giggles because she knew she gave me a little attitude…


Little Notes

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  1. Jenny Lee Allen says:

    So very precious!

  2. Shelly Peterson says:

    Great job! She is exactly the way you described her. She is beautiful inside and out just like her Mommy!

  3. Monica Portanier Hicks says:

    She is so so precious. A gift of beauty and light!

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