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Ryder Gregory – Big Birthday Boy!!!


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Where… oh where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday we were bringing this sweet 9lbs 10oz baby home from the hospital. Three years ago today he was born into our family and I have loved watching him grow and change! He is absolutely so stinking cute… and brings so much joy into our home. He is all boy in every sense of the word… We were so excited to celebrate him today!

Lately he has been going around to just about everyone saying… “Want to come to my baseball game? In Modesto? At 5 o’clock?” Which is hilarious because he was only 2 and not on a team… so when it came to planning his party I knew that pretty much all he would want to do was play ball with his friends and family. I loved watching his facial expressions when he saw his party and when he was playing with everyone… it was priceless! Last week he and I snuck away for a few short minutes alone to run the bases and take a couple of pictures of him. He is changing so much… so fast… I just want to take every moment I can to delight in this time… even if it’s chaos most of the time!Ryder’s shirt comes from Zoey’s Attic on Etsy

Cake, cupcakes & cookies were from Burges Bakery in Ripon, CAThis was his facial expressions when he saw his baseball cake… LOVE!The moment we decided to do a birthday party I ordered his cute baseball shirt for this birthday boy… and ordered the #30 on it. The number is so special and something that Jordan (my brother) and I grew up wearing for any athletic team we could. I saw Ryder’s shirt laying there… with the last name “Heuvel” and the number #30 and it made me tear up. Today we celebrate Ryder…

Ryder’s middle name is Gregory. Named after my Uncle Greg. I remember my Uncle Greg being strong… being a jokester… loving his family… and loving baseball. He passed away at the age of 35 of heart failure on October 29th, 1998. Our Ryder was born on the anniversary of my Uncle Greg’s passing. Today we also celebrate the memory of Uncle Greg and who he was as an Uncle, Father, Son, and Friend! 


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  1. Val Coenen says:

    Awesome…I soo wish I could be there to celebrate his bday… he is growing sooooooo fast. I love that boy!

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