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Yay! I feel like I need to take a moment first to say how THANKFUL I am for every single client… for ever single wedding… for every single session that we have been able to photograph over the years. I am continually humbled by the moments that we are entrusted to capture. And I can’t tell you how many times just this year… I have teared up behind my camera and my computer as I have been editing while thinking through some of your big… big moments! Or literally laughed out loud as I relived some of the greatest moments in 2013 for our clients. It’s kinda silly I know but I am such a sap for sentiment! Β And 2013 was full of some personal challenge/adventure as we walked through the foster adoption process and there were so many days that my heart was encouraged by spending time with our clients… looking for what makes life beautiful… capturing genuine connection… delighting in pretty wedding details that y’all worked so hard on… enjoying some adventure with families and engaged couples and challenging myself to have some creative fun! So thank you to our incredible clients… and YAY for 2014!!! (make sure you stick it out to then end to check out our giveaway)

We are so excited to officially share our fresh new look with you! We have had a little bit of a break from shooting so we have been working hard to bring a whole new look and experience with our website! We have updated and changed the way our portfolio galleries look and shared them by couple and venue to help couples get a better feel for our incredible local venues. www.koriandjared.comAnd we are constantly working to make things easier for you to use… we have updated our booking session for our lifestyle sessions which include family, children, maternity, newborn and senior session. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible for you to view what is available and book them when it’s most convenient for you!!! There are lots of new pages… lots of fun info so please check it out! www.korianjared.com

The really fun part! OUR GIVEAWAY… we are so excited to share our new site and would love for you to help us do that! We are giving away 1 lifestyle session valued at $400. It includes one hour of capture time for up to 5 people and a digital download of the the high resolution files from our session. Giveaway will go through February 7th and we will announce the winner on our blog on Feb 8th, 2014.

1. Simply share this blog post on your facebook page

2. Come back and leave us a comment on this blog post letting us know that you shared this blog post and also which one of our weddings, engagement sessions or family sessions was your favorite from our galleries on our new site…

And that’s it… simply share and then leave some comment love to enter you into our giveaway.

And guess what… you can enter up to 1 time a day… so each time you share it leave a comment on this blog post and it will qualify you for another entry into our giveaway. Whoo… hoo!!!


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  1. Tiffany Dillon says:

    Shared and love your new stuff! Would love family session!! Love you and your work Kori!

  2. Char Manes says:

    Love seeing all of your photos come across Facebook! You have a unique style, enjoy 2014!!

  3. Valerie Tavares says:

    Love your photography, Kori! You have a real gift from God with capturing special moments….

  4. Valerie Tavares says:

    I especially love your pics of babies and children!

  5. Bryan-Shannon Smit says:

    Oh my goodness I shared and I plan to share every single day!!!! Im in it to win it people!!!
    I love your work and I love the new layout its hard to pick which one I like better! I’m a sucker for kids but I’m a big sucker for weddings too!!

  6. Amy Shroyer says:

    You are super talented and would be thrilled to win!

  7. Laura Bartlett says:

    All done!! Shared your blog!!

  8. Jennifer Lewis Ormonde says:

    Love love LOVE Will & Jessica’s black & white wedding!! Would love a family session & I shared!!

  9. Tanya Domecq Crippen says:

    I love looking at all the pictures but the kiddos are always the best!

  10. Shawna Johnson says:

    Shared!! Love the new website! If I said I liked the “together” and “kiddos” galleries the best that would be too predictable:) Kori I have always loved your Matilda Jane sessions and I still do…such sweet photos!! I know, I need to come to a trunk show:)

  11. Katie Porter Butler says:

    The family ‘together’ photos and the kiddos are definitely my fav! I love the wedding photos too, but family photos are the best πŸ™‚

  12. Katie Porter Butler says:

    (And I shared)

  13. Corinne Albertson Bynum says:

    Shared! Love your work the eye you have for photography! I have always seem your work and would love for you to do my family pictures.

  14. Julie Bauser says:

    I love the Matilda Jane photos!

  15. Ruth Showerman says:

    Shared! Love the pictures of the kiddos of course!

  16. Rachel Dyon-Loudermilk says:

    The family together photos and children photo.

  17. Rachel Dyon-Loudermilk says:


  18. Jennie Gall says:

    Shared! πŸ™‚ I really liked the Beau and Rachelle wedding!!

  19. Jenny Lee Branco says:

    I shared. Love all the family galleries!

  20. Melissa Campiotti says:

    I love the blog!! I shared

  21. Jenny Lee Branco says:

    I shared it! Love the family galleries!

  22. Ashley Thompson says:

    Shared! Although I enjoy a family session, I just LOVE LOVE and I LOVE weddings πŸ™‚

  23. Katy Merrill says:

    Shared and Beau & Rachelle’s wedding is my fav! I wish I had you guys do my wedding!!! <3

  24. Jennifer Stortroen Higgins says:

    Shared!! I might be a little biased but… Nic & Kalyn’s wedding is my favorite!!! <3 πŸ™‚

  25. Alicia Van Duyn says:

    Shared! You’re photography is so beautiful. I love the confetti shot on Beau and Rachelle’s wedding day! So Fun! I’m with Katy Merrill, wishing you would have shot my wedding!

  26. Nancy Penwell says:

    Shared! I don’t think I can choose 1 favorite. I love them all!

  27. Tammy Giulian says:

    Shared. Love how you take the picture of the bride’s bouquet, a display table, or little details that really define one’s wedding story. So sweet and I also love the occasional photo bomber!

  28. Monica Ruth Vander Schaaf says:

    Shared! I always enjoy when you post your new sessions- they’re all beautiful!

  29. Alicia Van Duyn says:

    Shared! You’re photography is so beautiful. I love the confetti shot on Beau and Rachelle’s wedding day! So Fun! I’m with Katy Merrill, wishing you would have shot my wedding!

  30. Alicia Van Duyn says:

    Shared! Your photography is beautiful! I really love the shot of Beau and Rachelle’s wedding with the confetti, looks like they are having a great time! I agree with Katy Merrill, wishing you would have shot our wedding too!

  31. Erin Van Houten says:

    Shared! Love the new website. I agree with Monica they are all beautiful! πŸ™‚ Can’t wait for you to take Audrey’s first birthday pictures!

  32. Chrissy Peckham Sonke says:

    Shared:) I loved the Trevor and Kayla wedding. Looked like a ton of fun!!

  33. Sherri Lynne Suriano Burris says:

    Shared! I love the baby in the Borellie box in your family gallery under kiddos!
    But all the pictures you take are BeAuTiFuL! πŸ™‚

  34. Regina Bradley says:

    Love love the children in all the mj πŸ™‚ you are blessed with amazing talent!

  35. Jami Viss says:

    Shared! What a fun giveaway! I love all the family sessions, especially all the smiling kiddos!

  36. Danesa Menge says:

    I LOVE the kids! But I also love seeing the families and couples. My favoite kid picture is the Barelli Family pics! TOO cute! You guys are amazing and did the most AMAZING job with our adoption pictures! Can’t wait for family pictures! Thanks so much!

    And (of course) I shared your site!

  37. Marcia DeRousse says:

    Love the look of your new website!!! Keep up the good work!!!

  38. Katy Merrill says:

    I love the together shots! Shared for the second time πŸ™‚

  39. Bryan-Shannon Smit says:

    Another day, another share!

  40. Ashley Haney says:

    Shared!!! Your photography is beautiful!!

  41. Heather Holbrook Richardson says:

    Shared πŸ™‚ I love all of the pictures but the family pictures just melt my heart. So fabulous!

  42. Regina Bradley says:

    Sharing again the wedding galleries are great too.

  43. Nancy Penwell says:

    Shared again! Love your wedding galleries.

  44. Lauren Bitters says:

    Absolutely love the weddings!!!

  45. Melanie Borges Labendeira says:

    Shared! Love them all, the images are great! I love how the site not only has galleries but the background changes with more images of your amazing work. Love the San Francisco photos of the James family, the setting was beautiful!

  46. Desiree Ruiz says:

    I saw this couple at the Ripon almond blossom fest. A few years ago and have been following their Facebook since then. Would love to have family photos done by them!

  47. Bryan-Shannon Smit says:

    Share #5!!! I’m gonna win this thing…I can feel it! ;o)

  48. Melanie Borges Labendeira says:

    Shared again today, still loving the new site and your amazing work.

  49. Natasha Vandenberg says:

    Shared! I think I am obligated to say Marissa & Ryan’s wedding is my favorite, but I really do love it! The photos turned out wonderfully! And I love the carnival shoots too that you’ve done.

  50. Melanie Borges Labendeira says:

    Shared again today, I love the pictures taken at the carnival too, beautiful color and such emotion.

  51. Tanya Heuvel says:

    LOVE the shots from Trevor & Kayla! You guys are awesome!!

  52. Tessa Terpstra says:

    Shared! Love the sessions of families and kiddos! πŸ™‚

  53. Mary Hicks Gudgel says:

    Shared!! Love the family in the boat! You guys do amazing work!

  54. Shawna Johnson says:

    Of course I shared again!!! Scream it from the roof tops, Kori and Jared Photography ROCKS!!!

  55. Melodie Flora says:

    Shared πŸ™‚ always love the kids & weddings!!

  56. Kelli Nicole Lemuth says:

    Shared! Loving the new design!!!!

  57. Brittany Allen says:

    Shared!! I love Nic & Kalyn’s wedding plus ALL the kids!!!!

  58. Melanie Frost says:

    Shared! I love Trevor and Kayla’s shots!!

  59. Bryan-Shannon Smit says:

    7th share! Can you tell I REALLY LOVE your work and REALLY want to have a session with you guys!

  60. Kelsey Tillema says:

    Shared:) Kori and Jared you two are awesome! Loved watching you work at the two weddings my brother and I sang at:) Keep up the good work!

  61. Emily Van Unen says:

    Shared…I always love the details pictures from your wedding albums! And of course I love the MJC sessions!

  62. Danesa Menge says:

    Have I mentioned that I LOVE LOVE LOVE our adoption pictures πŸ™‚

  63. Amanda Cloward says:

    Shared! You guys are the best πŸ™‚

  64. Courtney Montague says:

    The new site looks fabulous Kori!

  65. Rebecca Raddatz Araujo says:

    shared! I loved all the pictures taken at the carnival, so fun!

  66. Brittany Dodson says:

    Shared! Beau and rachelles wedding pictures are my favorite!!

  67. Bryan-Shannon Smit says:

    Shared again!!!

  68. Melanie Borges Labendeira says:

    Shared again today

  69. Sandee Liles King says:

    Shared! πŸ™‚ Looks great!!!!

  70. Jennifer Terrero says:

    Shared πŸ™‚ Amber is usually our photographer and with her taking a break she mentioned how great you guys are ! I’m so excited about the mini mjc shoot because now I get to finally meet you ! I love your beautiful work πŸ™‚

  71. Meghann Van Vliet says:

    Shared! I just love and enjoy your pictures so much and look forward to someday having the opportunity to use you guys. I love Maddy and Marks engagement pictures and can’t wait to see what you do for their wedding πŸ™‚

  72. Kristen Fritzemeier Rogers says:

    Shared. I love all the pics especially the weddings but the ones u did of us are still my favorite. I’m biased lol

  73. Nicole Rachele' Toal says:

    Shared!! I am amazed at your use of natural lighting!! I am an amateur freelance photographer and I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have someone as amazing as you two doing my wedding pictures some day! I especially enjoyed the Kurt and Meghan blog post. I loved all the ceremony shots. I am a big fan of great shots of the whole ceremony process, walking down the isle, facial expressions of everyone during the ceremony. I tell you what, even if I don’t win I know who I am calling when the time comes! πŸ™‚

  74. Kelsey Proffitt says:

    Shared. I’ve always loved your work and I’m biased because you shot my cousins wedding last May

  75. Rylee Horner says:

    Kori & Jared! I shared your new website on my facebook page. I stumbled upon your work from another friends site and I was instantly draw into your photography work. I love the your wedding album, you captured such lovely moments of the bride & groom! I would love to win the giveaway and have a session with you!

  76. Bryan-Shannon Smit says:

    Shared again!

  77. Ashley Thompson says:

    Shared again

  78. Bryan-Shannon Smit says:

    About to jump on a plane but I remembered to share!!!

  79. Melanie Borges Labendeira says:

    Shared today, crossing fingers πŸ™‚

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