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It’s not every day that I get a few moments just to soak in the world around me… but I try as often as I can. It’s pretty crazy raising our littles so I was excited to get just 5 mins after taking some photos of my own littles and my dad was brave enough to distribute the gummi bears so after we have them all loaded back up I snuck back to this beautiful barn to snap a couple of quick… shots… Simply Stunning! I loved every moment of it! Spring is here!

This is one of my favorite places to take pictures of my own kids! And the last two years I have knocked on the door and asked for permission and they graciously agreed to let me shoot it… and I took these shots to say thank you for letting me use their beautiful place! I’ve said this before but I am kind of a nerd about locations… I literally load the kids up… grab a cup of coffee and scour for new and inspiring locations. We drive… sing really loud mostly songs from the movie frozen right now… but I love finding little special places shoot! Something a little today on the blog… but I hope you like it!


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