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Joel + Carly {Ripon, CA – Engagement Session}


It’s not only her beautiful green dress that sparkled… but the look in their eye for each other! These two were ecstatic over each other… and we had so stinking much fun! They had their heart set on just the right type of location for our engagement session adventure and we found it! so stunning!!!and so much fun!!


Little Notes

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  1. Suzanne Gagnon says:

    Wow! Very nice photos. Carly and Joel,are just so beautiful

  2. Melissa A. Gonzalez Armenda says:

    These are amazing photos! Such a beautiful couple! I loved how the photographer was able to capture the tenderness and love they obviously have for each other.

  3. Shanda Buckner says:

    Sooo cute! Congrats !!

  4. Alicia Sizelove Chaney says:

    Oh man they are cute!!!!

  5. Yvette Renee Thompson says:

    These are amazing and beautiful!!! Pray blessings for you both!!!

  6. Ann Nyberg says:

    These are so beautiful! Brought happy tears. Kori, you captured their love so well!
    Oh my gosh, Carly is a model!

  7. Tina Saavedra says:

    OMG these pictures are AMAZING! Love the bubble blowing ones! Too cute!!!

  8. Camla Bobo Schultz says:

    If they look this spectacular in their engagement photos, imagine how they’ll look in their wedding portraits! Wow!!

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