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We bought a zoo…


We bought a zoo… well not really! We bought a few acres of land in the hills and we are bringing our little zoo with us! A few months ago we were shooting and engagement session up in the La Grange area… and we drove by a few for sale signs and we started dreaming. Started researching… and dreaming a little more! Last week we closed on this little piece of adventure! And we are soooo excited! The views are pretty stinking breathtaking… and it’s just so quiet. (with the exception of the noisy crew we bring with us) But we just wanted a place where we can be… where we can explore… and connect with each other. Most of the hill is wifi/cell service free which we love! There’s nothing on it yet… but we are dreaming together of a little house with lots of windows and natural light with a big ole table we can all eat around and a place our families and friend can come to catch their breath. We have dreams of clearing some of the property for an obstacle course kid Ninja Warrior Style… I think one of the kids threw out the idea of a zip line from the top of the hill to the bottom… And I’m still hoping for a fun slide somewhere on the property. ┬áBut for now… we have a picnic table. When we come up for a few days at a time we will bring our camping trailer. We learned a bathroom is pretty important with a young crew!

It’s a pretty sweet picnic table with the best view… the one where our kids run, laugh and play! We drove up for dinner for the first time last week since it’s been ours. We got to meet a few of the neighbors… and enjoy our first sunset. That yummy light is my absolute favorite time of day… and I just fell in love with it all over again!

2017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-802017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-812017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-832017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-89IMG_8685I love him all the more! Our life has changed so much so fast… and when I see him loving on our kiddos… carving our initials into our new picnic bench I fall in love with him all over again!2017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-972017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-1022017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-1052017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-1062017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-109Here’s to all of the dreamers out there! Go after them! One little dream at a time!2017-05-03 The Hill - Kori and Jared Photography-116


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