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Friendship Fountain! – Our dating story and sparkler tips for weddings!


Ahhh! For us it all officially began with a friendship firework! I love thinking about those early dating days! They were a lot of fun! We started dating the summer of 2003! I was home from school for the summer and we had met back up in the college group at our church. We hung out lots in a really fun group of friends… spent the summer on the lake, at the pool, county fairs, and for the 4th of july we spent it floating the river. Probably my favorite summer of all time! So then on July 5th… we were at my moms lighting smaller fireworks and she tossed this little one to us from the box… and it was a friendship fountain. And we were pretty giddy “in like” with each other and lit our first friendship fountain that day! Later that night… Jared had a bouquet of yellow roses with one red rose. Yellow roses represented the friendship we had… and then he asked me to officially be his girlfriend and there was one single red rose. Man I loved… and love his heart for sentiment! Don’t let my tough guy fool you!

So every year since we have hunted… from booth to booth looking for the friendship fountain. Most years we have found it… and the hunt has gotten more fun each year… as the kids now know our story… And I stinking love it! I hope our story sparks a story they tell their kids each year… it’s a good one to tell and remember!

So thankful for our friendship that we have built our little life on! And here’s to keeping that spark alive… after 14 years of dating!!! (keep scrolling for pics of our cute kids… and our tested tips on wedding day sparklers!)
2017-07-02 Heuvel Friendship Firework - Kori and Jared Photography-1472017-07-02 Heuvel Friendship Firework - Kori and Jared Photography-142
2017-07-02 Heuvel Friendship Firework - Kori and Jared Photography-1602017-07-02 Heuvel Friendship Firework - Kori and Jared Photography-1662017-07-02 Heuvel Friendship Firework - Kori and Jared Photography-1742017-07-02 Heuvel Friendship Firework - Kori and Jared Photography-1772017-07-02 Heuvel Friendship Firework - Kori and Jared Photography-181

So even though our crew is pretty stinking cute… we say STAY AWAY from these kind of sparklers!

Couple of tips:

We love the metal ones… they are ususally 36 inches long.

The metal makes them burn cleaner… than the paper ones which makes the photos less smokey which is a big plus!

Also because they are longer… they last longer! Yay! That means if there’s any little delay everyone will still have their sparklers lit as you make your way through the group.

Check these ones out here…



Couple of things to think about…

We think the best way to light them is to light the bridal party first… then send them out to different parts of the group to light the rest of the light! Time is key with those beauties!!!

Have metal buckets full of water to put them in when you are done!

Always walk SLOWLY through it! Usually we remind couples… and great wedding coordinators will too! But a good little reminder!

And stop for a smooch! Take a moment… and enjoy it! These are the last few moments with your favorite people celebrating the start of your forever. Soak it up!

Lastly… always check with your venue ahead of time to make sure it’s ok!




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