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Jordan + Tiffany (Sutro Baths – San Francisco, Ca Proposal)


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Ahhh… my little brother is getting married! He asked! and She said yes! It has been so much fun… over the last few months talking lots with my brother! Hearing his plans… So it kinda made me laugh a little… My little bro had a spread sheet yall… as he compared all of the different rings he had been looking at. He carefully considered it lots! Then he bought the ring and got to planning this fun day. I still remember the first time he brought Tiffany to meet our family… we met her in Lego Land as she spent the day with our family. My brother was smitten. And it was good to see him head over heels for her! We may give him a little bit of a hard time… a few weeks ago Jared walked through our kitchen to see Jordan doing surgery on a snickers bar… literally cutting off all of the chocolate edges because Tiffany is allergic to chocolate. So the story was that we were going to meet in San Francisco for my dad’s birthday dinner… So Jord had invited their family and friends. They all hid up at the Cliff House on the balcony overlooking the Sutro Baths. So it was a little bit of an adventure down the hill so Jordan carried her down to the water…Jared was hiding in the rocks… to snag this side view of them! Soooo if you’ve ever been to the baths you know how beautiful it is… but it is totally wide open… so Jared hid… and then Peter (our other brother) and I hid in plain sight with our backs to them! The best part was as they were parking and getting ready to come on down we were setting up. And this cute couple made their way to the spot we had picked. Jared told them what we were doing and then asked them to guard the perfect spot… right as Jordan and Tiffany walked up… they casually walked away. It was perfect! Couldn’t have planned it any better 🙂Loved this sweet moment where he was sharing his heart with her!!! Thankful we worked with Brandon Brubaker who had Jord mic’d up and captured every word! Brandon was also able to capture some drone footage of the proposal too! I stinking love this stuff!That moment when they spotted all of us!If you look close enough you can see all of the family and friends up on the balcony… and the minute Jordan slid that ring on her finger they all let out cheers from up top! It was perfect!Our bigs came with us… they loved being a part of the surprise! And were pretty pumped to start calling Miss Tiffany – Aunt Tiffany now!



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