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No use crying over broken glass ( Tutorial on how to fix your favorite broken candles – Capri Blue Volcano Candle from Anthropologie)


Hi all!

Hope you are having a fabulous day! This last weekend I attempted a little diy rescue to one of my favorite candles ever. Anyone who hangs out in our home knows how much I love Anthropologie’s Capri Blue Volcano Candle. I’m slightly obsessed! My favorite little trick is to stock up once a year whenever they do their big sales around the holidays! That’s how I purchased this very candle last year.

Soooo… this candle had been on our kitchen table for awhile and one day one of our kiddos pushed it off of the table and it broke… So sad! So I kept it for months… a few weeks ago a friend saw it on my counter and said to bring it over and we’d melt it on down and fix it. It got me thinking… and gave me a little courage to try it… I have never done any candle making ever… And I learned a few things along the project. So take a peek. I added links to the few things that I used to fix it.

Supplies List:

Melting Pot

New wicks

wick stickers

wax paper

a cookie sheet or something to protect counters

a cutting utensil you don’t care about

Straws or pencil

pot holders

a glass container to pour the wax into for your new candle


So I started by filling one of my pots with water. I turned it on to medium high and it was a small boil. I did it two ways… some of them I placed the glass jars directly into the hot water to melt the wax and the other way was to chunk the wax and then put the melting pot into the water to start melting the wax. Melting wax just takes time…

The next thing I did as I was waiting for the first part of the wax to melt was to get my glass containers ready for the melted wax. So i used the little stickers to place the new wicks into the candles. I then used a straw to wrap the wick around it to keep the wick upright as I poured the melted wax into the glass candle. Piece by piece I melted it on down and poured it on in. I’d say it worked… slowly. But with the one colossal and the ruminants from a few other candles I was able to refill one giant jar, three small jars and two mini jars. I’m so excited to get some more use out of them!So if you’re like me and have a broken candle you’ve been bummed out about for awhile here is the list of supplies to make it happen! Let me know in the comments below how it all works for you. Have a question let me know. And you are working with hot wax so be sure to careful. This project is an adult project not for children.


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