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Marin Headlands – Golden Gate Observatory (Sausalito – San Fransisco)


We have a heart for adventure! We believe in getting outside and exploring together! It’s always loud… never goes how you plan it… but that’s part of the adventure of it! They need it and I need it! Our heart is to share adventures, products, and services that help to bring families together! So we have started a new series on our blog called One-Hundred Dollar Adventure Days… We want to go and explore and bring back adventures that you can do all in a day’s adventure with less than $100. Shoot even for a family of 6 to go to the movies we would spend a good chunk of change instead we want to experience the world around us and tune into each other. We have quite a few day adventures planned in the next few months but if there’s a place you think we need to check out… let us know! We are also looking to partner with adventure companies and brands as we capture our upcoming adventures! Email us at koriandjared@gmail.com to collaborate with us!

Jared was working on New Year’s day so the kids and I decided to get out of the house and take in some sights. So here’s the first hard lesson learned… Just don’t go visit touristy places on a holiday. Everyone else had the same idea we did.There was fighting in the back seat, lots of “are we there yet”s and even more “why aren’t we moving.” I just kept thinking once we get out of the car it will be worth it… It will! And It was! There was extra traffic and because of the two laned road and the way the parking lots are they were directing traffic. So for our adventure to Hawk Hills and the Marin Headlands Vista Point most of the touristy traffic made a u-turn at the round about so we decided to keep going on up the hill to the Vista Point. It’s pretty neat up there. A few tunnels to go through, portions of the old fort and batteries to take a peek at… and then 360 views that are just breath taking! You have views of the headlands to the North and then stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and City of San Fransisco.

So, as promised our goal for these posts in the One-Hundred Dollar Adventure Days is to go explore and keep the expense under $100. At the very end I added a map from Google Maps for you too so you can see exactly where we explored. And if you have any questions at all feel free to leave us a comment in the comments below!

We spent $32.00 in gas and $28.17at Chick-Fil-A on our way into the city and a $5.00 toll to get over the Richmond Bridge. I packed lots of food and snacks from home to have a picnic once we got there and then refueled on those snacks for the drive home. So for the whole day we spent $65.17. It was a little windy up at the top of the observatory… so Jax snuggled inside his sweatshirt… even kept asking to use those sleeves as a scarf. I will say that even though I’m an adventurer at heart… I’m also a little on the cautious side and there were some spots where I was a little worried about the edges and steep terrain… And just a side note this path is totally doable with a stroller. There is a great path from the parking all the way through the tunnels and up to the top of the vista point. Thankful these two came down to meet with us! Stopped to take in some info…and get the wiggles out! And we finished the day with a few snacks and these yummy Stroop Wafels.There is just nothing like seeing your kids run wild… and hearing laughter in their hearts… Here’s to making 2018 the best it can be and exploring lots!Clothing From :


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