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If you love life… seriously anything about it… this is for you!

Pardon my passion for a minute! We have been searching hard to find things that we can bring you that we believe will rock your world! Here’s our heart – if you know me at all you know that my first love was scrapbooking. I worked as a high school girl at what I thought was the absolute coolest job a girl could have! I was surrounded by pretty papers, stickers, embellishments, ah – Oh for the Memories (anyone catch that?). The truth is what I loved about it so so so much were those precious photos that I and fellow scrapbookers captured. Yes, the goal is to capture them creatively but the heart is to be able to hold onto them for just a little longer. When you look back on those precious treasures they almost put you back in that moment. To fill your heart with a smile, reminding yourself of how it felt, the sounds, the smells, the people. Oh man it is about your people. For me, it is about my people. I love taking photos of our crew with my big ole’ canon. And I do a LOT. But there are a lot of times where I want to be in the moment. I don’t want my kids to remember me behind the camera. I want them to remember me IN THE MOMENT – wait for it… WITH THEM.

So that’s when we discovered the OLLO CLIP. And we are smitten in love with this stuff! And so pumped to share it with you! (My bestie will be so excited I finally shared this with y’all because she’s been waiting since our Arizona trip to snag hers! I made a believer out of her!)

We get asked all the time ” I just want to take better pictures – but I don’t want to buy a really expensive camera.” Or a good friend of ours just asked around the campfire, “We are going on a road trip and want to capture it well, what kind of camera should we get” and then there’s my little brother who just moved to the beach…  within walking distance and I’m convinced he just wants to rub it in a little, and he said “what’s the best way to capture that sunset.” Whatever it is that you want to capture you can have so much fun and capture it so much better than with just your standard iPhone. It has even improved our selfie game. How do you get a big family all in? You gotta have a wide angle lens. Ha! We have also been capturing a TON more video too. And with the gimbal we’ve been able to keep a steadier hand and the video with the lenses is amazing!


Our answer is the Ollo Clip! My pick for sure is the Filmer’s Kit for the iPhone 8/7 + 8/7 Plus. It comes with all you see below. There are 4 different lenses (The Fisheye, Super-wide and macro, Ultra Wide and Telephoto Lens) Comes with the mobile video  grip in this nice little organized case.


Click here for a link to the Ollo Clip

It does require removing any cases you might have, but that doesn’t bother us at all.

There are lens covers which are so nice! I loved having them on when we were around all of that sand.

For a link to the Pivot Arm which is great for enhancing those family videos click here!

I love how much more surrounding it captures!Especially when you go to pretty places! It really helps to have more capture space (using technical mom language there 🙂I also wanted to spend some time and do a side by side for our readers. So I captured our little happy place standing in the same two spots. Once of a big landscape of the lake and then a photo of our picnic bench up at the hill. You can see how standing in the same spot yet using the different lenses gives you a total different image. Something that is fun and super easy to change. It can be changed in a mom minute!To read more about “The Hill” this little place we love so much you can click here to read our post 

I also collected a few photos of the Almond Blossom to give you some perspective with the different lenses. I’m in love!

To snag your Ollo Clip click here:

Ollo Clip

Pictured with Iphone 8


A few helpful hints…

1- Take the Stinking Cap off! I know it sounds so silly but the first hike we used this on… I forgot a couple of times.

2- Have a place to carry it. When we are hiking I like to be hands free. You know to catch a falling kid. 🙂 So I have found having bigger pockets or a small bag that I can easily pull it out of keeping it assembled is so helpful to quickly capture those sweet moments.

3- Get photos and videos off of your phone – the easiest way I have found to get my Ollo Clip photos and videos to my computer is through Air Drop!

4- Always Back it up! I will become a broken record on our blog… but you cant protect your precious memories enough! Have a least 2 copies of the stuff that’s super important to you!

This post is posted as an affiliate with Ollo Clip. We only select the best brands that we feel would be the best fit for our readers!


Have any questions? Post em below! We would love to answer them!


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