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Sunol Regional Wilderness Area – California Hiking Trails


Ahhhh Yay! Those days when you turn them loose and let them run! Ok, well maybe not exactly loose. But I love an afternoon when those babes can explore!  Excited to share another fun and easy bay area hike.

Sunol Regional Wilderness Area


It’s pretty fun because I remember hiking here lots as a teen with my dad and brother! So it is so much fun to come back with our crew and run wild! We went with friends this time! It was our first hike with another momma and friends! So 7 kids, 2 mommas means 1 fun adventure! There’s something about kids having playmates besides the built in ones that live with them to keep them entertained! Tiff and I laughed a few times as we let the kids lead the way a few times! We found ourselves forging up mountains… straight up… pushing kids up the hill. Working so hard to not roll back down as we laughed so hard! We eventually started picking the path. This bay area trail for us was about an hour away from the central valley and was the perfect way to spend a few hours while daddies were at work. It was absolutely doable for a momma and kids. Totally doable with a stroller too if you stay on the Ohlone Road Trail. (we headed down side trails -but if you are rocking a stroller you don’t have to 🙂 I get asked all the time, “what are all of those ribbons for?” Each ribbon represents a ribbon that I was either a bootcamper or coach at Get Fit Modesto. Each ribbon a time of choosing whole health with nutrition, exercise and community. For me- this is my why I have to continually work towards it. Some seasons are easier than others, cleaner than others, more time of exercise than others. My why has always been this stuff right here… to be strong enough physically and mentally to adventure and explore with our crew! love spending time with this momma and kids!

Thank you Google Maps For this lovely Sunol Map. I added the P for where we parked… and then we headed out over the bridge and out on the trail. We didn’t quite make it all the way to Little Yosemite on the map. It is totally worth it if you have the time (and patience 🙂

If you have any questions leave us a comment we would love to answer it. If you have any other must see ideas for adventures drop us a comment to let us know! Have Fun!



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