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The Lights Fest – Chicago


So you know when you get lost on that IG rabbit trail and you’re not really sure where you ended up… Welp one day I took a few clicks and stumbled on a total stranger’s post about the lights fest. I quickly searched for local dates and there wasn’t anything… So the dreamer in me searched to find one we could travel to. And it just so happened that there was one in the Chicago area while we were there to shoot a wedding. It also just so happened that it was the week of our 13th anniversary so I was able to talk Jared into it. We arrived a bit early and just spent time on the grass hanging out as we waited for dark to come. It was bucket list kind of stuff! The lanterns floated through the air. Music playing. It was so much fun to let lanterns off and to sit back and watch others light them!

The Lights FestThere were musicians to set the scene for the night… Then the torches were lit… and we got to waiting for the go ahead. After Jared and I had let our lanterns fly I snuggled into him, laid my head on his shoulder and we just stood there quietly and watched the lanterns float through the air. Hundreds of them. It was so beautiful. So peaceful. So lovely! It tugged at my heart seeing all sorts of messages written on their lanterns. People celebrating all sorts of different things lives, anniversaries (our 13th :), engagements, cures for cancer, you name it! Coolest Part of the night is that it was a Charity Fundraiser. It is a non-profit that supports soldiers, veterans, and first responders with much needed resources. I looked and couldn’t find the link for it. But I love that they are doing something that helps our communities at the same time!


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