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Stories with Kori – Featuring Jamie Griswold with Culture Coffee Bar


Ahhh we are so thankful you are taking a few minutes to join us! I kinda feel like a kid in a candy store or a momma with the first cup of morning coffee. We are sharing the story of Jamie from Culture Coffee Bar today! This is our first feature of sharing the story of someone else for our new series – Stories with Kori. We believe that there are some really cool people doing some incredible things in our community. We have a heart to connect with them and share their stories with you. We hope you are encouraged as you learn more about why they do what they do!

Jamie of Culture Coffee Bar has been a dear friend of mine for years.  It has been so incredible to cheer her on as she was walked this entrepreneurial adventure as she invested there heart into Culture Coffee Bar!

You can read about it here or listen to it on our IGTV or YouTube Channel.

Her story is one inspiring story! She overcame challenge after challenge as she moved closer to her dream. Culture Coffee Bar is a mobile coffee bar with a heart to serve quality beverages with ingredients you can trust. They make an incredible cup of coffee, they have such a cute trailer but what I love most about them is their heart to serve her local community! They serve at local pop ups that they go to each week and then they also serve at weddings, special events and conferences too.

The first time I learned about Jamie’s dream… we were hanging out for a little ladies night watching the bachelor. There is something about taking that first step to even just speak your heart’s desires OUT LOUD… let alone to another person. It gives some depth to the dream. It’s a scary first step. For months I watched her showup… work hard… and move forward. Looking back it was a joy to be able to capture her vision for her kickstarter video as she worked towards funding the trailer.

The day we raised a coffee glass in honor of the ark (the culture coffee bar trailer) was a pretty special one! There was still lots of work to do… but such a celebration of fighting through all of the hard stuff.

Jamie shared that they have officially been in business for about 9 months. There has been so much that has gone into it long before she served her first cup of coffee out of the trailer. She had been kicking the idea around for over two years. The idea popped in her head… and she said that she didn’t have the experience but she had the heart to learn. She wanted to create something for the person who was health conscious who wanted to know what was going into their coffee and wanted to create something that brought the community together. She has a heart to make people seen and be transparent in her journey.

Jamie calls the coffee bar her vessel. Its the method that she uses to allow people to be seen and to love on people through a cup of coffee. It allows her to get into places that she might not otherwise go.

One of the elements that made a huge impact on furthering her journey was investing in the community around her. She worked hard to share her vision with the people she had already invested lots of time and heart into. That way there were people to cheer her on, support her kickstarter and be there as she walked through the process.

I love how authentic this girl is! She shares that one of the biggest obstacles was battling the feeling of being unqualified. She started down this path with so much to learn about running a business, making coffee, building a trailer, pulling a trailer, health permits, and other difficult situations. But keeping that why in focus. The why of investing in other people and seeing them through a cup of coffee kept her moving forward.

Jamie shared about one moment that was a defining moment for her. It was a time when she wanted to quit. All the time. But she didn’t. She was in a season after the kick starter when they had brought the trailer home and were trying to get permitted. She shared they were running out of money for this project. It was a scary thing. She continued to pray. She felt like the Lord had called her to do this and she was trusting that it would work out. She prayed for God to show up. And one day she met with one of her team members and shared the heart of Culture and even though she didn’t share exactly what was going on she shared that it was getting pretty tough. Later that day she got a text message saying that this team member’s husband had sent her $200 via venmo. She texted her friend saying I think your husband made a mistake by sending me this money. And this team member shared that she felt like God had put it on her heart to invest into Culture Coffee. Jamie started crying in Costco in her eyes as she saw the Lord provide for her exactly what she needed to be able to get through those last few days before they opened and were able to buy the supplies to sell the coffee. It was a huge moment when she was ready to quit and give up… But she didn’t.

I loved this wisdom from Jamie…

Even if you are scared to death… do it anyway. It wasn’t for a lack of fear. There WAS fear. She was scared every moment. She wanted to quit every moment But there is something to be said for pushing passed that and knowing that there’s a path in front of you. Even if you’re scared, even if you’re unqualified, even though there’s obstacles, even when people say you can’t do it… even though all of those things… DO IT ANYWAYS

Jamie is doing a little giveaway with us! She is giving away a mug and a $20 gift certificate towards Culture Coffee Bar.

To enter:

1- make sure you follow both Culture Coffee Bar + Koriandjared on Instagram

2. Like our Stories with Kori Photo featuring Jamie of Culture Coffee Bar and share it to your stories using the little share icon.

3. comment on our giveaway post telling us you entered and let us know what your favorite CCB drink is.

We will announce the winner on Friday June 7th on our instagram.

We hope you were encouraged and challenged by hearing Jamie’s story! We would love you to leave her some comment love either her or on our IG cheering Jamie on! I am so proud of all of her hard work and can’t wait to see what comes next for Culture Coffee!

Keep dreaming big friend! I am so thankful for your friendship!


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