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Stories with Kori – Featuring Daniel with Anchor + Light Films


We love the Anchor + Light team! I had a chance to sit down with Daniel and hear all about why they love to do what they do. We have worked along this talented videography team for a long time! 

Anchor + Light Films captures video of those real life moments. They specialize in weddings but have done all sorts of fun video projects like engagements, family moments, non-profit work and lots more! 

Their work speaks for itself! 

We really enjoy working along side of them at weddings! We have worked together for so long that we know where to be and have the same heart to take care of our clients and have some fun while we do it! Their team is made up of Daniel, Charlie, and Brandon.

We have worked with Charlie for years… And even long before we were both shooting weddings we were all friends. Jared was in Charlie + Bec’s wedding and Charlie was in ours. Charlie has been capturing videos since they were all in college together making all sorts of fun videos for the college group. Charlie has invested so much good time into weddings and capturing those videos so well. It has been fun to watch his team grow and change over the years. Daniel is currently the one investing the time into all of the editing and not just capturing those wedding days but also making the magic happen to put those videos together. We love working with Brandon too! He always rocks those drone skills! These guys will show up and work hard from start to finish! They always know all of the latest and greatest when it comes to the tech side of it all. (Huge thank you Daniel for helping me get a basic set up for filming our stories even though I’m sure my lack of video skills probably make him laugh lots! What I lack in video skills I make up for in will and heart… I’m still learning y’all 🙂

Years ago our family walked through the foster adoption process and it was at the end of a 2.5 year process that we hosted a huge family dance party on the night of adoption day. Charlie captured the day at court and our family party so well. It was our adoption video that really made this whole video thing that much more valuable to me. I would see those expressions… those moments. They were ours captured on video for us to treasure for forever… and ever. And we do! We still do! Our kids will ask for their videos and we will put them on the tv and watch them together. It serves as a reminder of the good stuff we work so hard for. We still love our adoption video that Rumble Cinematography now known as Anchor + Light Films captured. They see the greater purpose of telling the stories of other people through video.

I asked Daniel what his favorite moment of a wedding day is to captured and he shared how much he loves that first look. When the bride sees her groom for the first time. That moment is so special for them. Those moments when the emotion is so real as they soak in each other for the first time of day! And of course there is something about those dance floor moves that you just can’t get enough of! We have worked so many weddings with them and man oh man… people love working that video camera! I personally love being out on the dance floor (behind the camera) watching everyone getting their moves on!

One thing that makes Anchor + Light Films unique it the personal side of what they do. They try to take it all in and get to know clients from that first client meeting all the way through to editing and delivering their wedding videos. They work hard to really return videos that reflect who the couples are. 

Daniel stinking loves The Office and shared with us that he loves the quote ““You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretskey” – Michael Scott

Sooo  I typed out a long ole summary of that quote and my thoughts on it… and I erased it all… no explanation needed 🙂 Imma let that one soak on it and you can apply it to what you got have going on in your life…

“” You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretskey “ – Michael Scott

Daniel is doing a huge giveaway with us! He is GIVING AWAY an engagement video  to tell the love story of one winner!!!! ($250 value!!!) so if you are engaged, close to engagement, in love, or just need the story of your love captured on video by Daniel make sure to enter! 


To enter:

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We will announce the winner on Friday June 21st on our instagram. Yay!!!


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