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Stories with Kori – Featuring Tara Crenshaw of Get Fit


This week we are sharing the story of my sweet friend Tara Crenshaw of Get Fit. She is someone who has been a consistent encouragement over years of life to love others well, dream big, and work hard. She is so incredibly genuine in all she does! Her story today is one that we can all be encouraged by! 

Tara and I became friends while we played volleyball in high school together. I have absolutely loved capturing their family over the years but the biggest impact she has had on my life and our family is through Get Fit.

If you would love to hear this story instead of read it you can find it on our YouTube Channel here:

Get Fit is a fitness training studio with locations currently in Modesto and Oakdale California with a heart to move people towards whole health through community, fitness, and nutrition.  They have a heart for the whole person. Tara started as a client with Get Fit first. She was a client at the Mommy and Me bootcamp later known as Mom Fit. After having her two boys she was looking for a way to get outside and stay active. And from there it all spiraled. At the time she was a math teacher and mom. She soon started training Mom Fit. That is when I joined Tara at the park for for a good workout and time spent with other mommas.  We were pushing our strollers up those hills with lots of those sneaky lunges. The more kids you had the more weight you were pushing and the more kids you were chasing!

Continuing to say “yes” allowed the opportunity for Tara and her husband, Jonathan, to create a team fueled with passion for people and fitness.

Tara recalls a night in December while she was pregnant with their third kiddo and she remembers getting the phone call asking her to assume an ownership role. She said her initial gut response was telling herself “no – you can’t do this! You are a math teacher, you are a mom of three, you’ve never owned a business, you’ve never studied anything” but something else in her said… “you have to do this, you have to fill in where it’s needed! Not for the business sake but for the people’s sake. Because the people who were involved in Get Fit and those relationships are what made it special. And she didn’t want that environment to go away.

She shares that she was scared out of her mind. None of the practicals made sense but she said “YES” and saying yes sent her on the craziest journey. After 2 years of running the business literally trial by fire they took over full ownership. They found themselves running a business that neither of them had set out to run. And it was there they knew they had a lot to learn. And they are still learning every day and every day is still something new. But Tara shares that they were motivated by the people. They were motived by seeing people come through those doors and seeing life change happen.

My personal journey with Get Fit started with mommy and me bootcamp. I After we grew our family through foster adoption I knew I needed to get healthy and returned to the place that made such a difference in my life. I did two bootcamps in 2014 as a boot camper with coaches like Michelle Mott and Natalie Loratelli and transformation happened. They changed our family. I learned how to cook, and meal plan and get my crew to eat all of the things that fueled us well. I fought hard to get stronger. And I have had a heart to share that impact with other people as a trainer super duper part time and bootcamp coach.

People First…

Tara shares that the choices they make for Get Fit center around “people first.”  Life change and transformation come when you put people first. Ahead of business. Ahead of your own comfort. Ahead of all of those things.  It is hard work. But it is work that really matters and people are what motivates them and their team to get out of bed each day and continue doing the work. Get Fit has a team where the team members have come up as clients and now have a heart to pour back into others. Each team member has a story all their own and they have seen their own life change inside the walls of Get Fit and so now they are ready to go change the lives of others. Everyone on their team from child care, to the front desk, and on the training floor has a heart to put people first because that is who they are.

It’s about more than just a great workout. Which you WILL get! 

Jared and I were talking about what my return to strength would look like after my accident and even though I am slowly healing… there is great power in doing it along side of a community!  Yes, I could ride a bike at home… but there is something about doing it with your people. It speaks to the Get Fit Community.

Tara shared that there are a lot of people in the fitness world that question them with the thought that fitness is changing, and there is so much digital access… Will Get Fit ever go away? And the answer is NO! Get Fit is about people first and there will always be a huge need for connecting people in a world where people are so connected yet disconnected. Even if your lives are crazy it allows you to connect with people along side a workout. That hug, that high five, that human connection on a weekly basis is so important!

I had an experience at Get Fit a couple weeks ago as I was struggling to return to my workouts post accident I had tears in my eyes. It’s been quite the battle back. But there was another client who had started at Get Fit since I had stopped training after my accident. And this client was so encouraging to me! She encouraged me to keep at it and sometimes it’s that workout that pushes her to get out of bed each day. Regardless of what you are struggling with even if it is the day in and day out struggle or recovery from trauma… it is good to do it together.

As we kept talking, Tara mentioned that she loves watching the clients then step into the role of putting others first. It’s a bit counterculture. But she loves seeing clients have the same heart of people first.

Change is hard… but it good.

Get Fit is completely different gym than is was 5 years ago. And it will be different years in the future. They have the mentality that what got them there won’t get them there. Which speaks to the idea that they always want to adapt as they bring their best to their clients. They are not ok being stagnant. And they will always be learning and open to growth and change with the mentality of people first. They want to be open to what will serve their community… the best… today.

Two last things that Tara wanted to encourage us with is.. 

First-  when you put people first… that investment will never return void.

I feel like that one is such a good one to read again.

Tara says- “When you put people first that investment will never return void. It will be hard. But it won’t return void”

And secondly she encourages  “don’t let your fears define you!!!” Regardless of how you might feel, It is good to step out in faith even if you don’t have all of the answers. Still Say “Yes”. And when you step out and say yes there are great opportunities, connections and relationships that she would have missed had she put herself in a box and said she was a math teacher and thats it. She encourages people to step out even if you don’t feel qualified. If you have a passion and work your butt off then you can make a huge impact. And she sees and encourages people to rise to their potential!

Come hang out with us at Get Fit they offer a wide variety of times available to work out. You can see their class schedule on their website and also the times of their incredible child care.

I hope you have been spurred on to great things as Tara has shared her heart and you have heard the start of Get Fit. 

Tara is so excited for you to experience Get Fit for yourself and she is giving away one 1 month membership to your choice of either Modesto or Oakdale Locations.

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You can see more of their day to day incredibleness on their website.



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