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Stories with Kori – Featuring Tali Belokonny of Abide Art by Tali.


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Yay! Meet my dear friend Tali! She is the creator of Abide Art by Tali. She is so incredibly talented in the artful spaces! She has an eye for color, texture, painting and all of the mixed media art forms.

I have been so blessed by her talents in the area of decor as she has lovingly decorated our Revive Retreat the last four years. We first became friends as Tali and I share a heart for foster care and adoption. We have both grown our families through foster adoption and have a heart to see other mommas supported through their journey.

We work hard to make it easy to soak in all of our stories… So we have it featured on our blog here but also available for you to listen/watch on our youtube and IGTV.

She shares that she is rooted in Jesus. She is Josh’s girl. And she is a momma to 4 energetic kiddos.

I love the way she shares her home and heart so artfully online.

When I was down for the count walking through the season of my accident and recover she showed up in small and artful ways to let me know she was “rooting for me.” The good news is it was a succulent so a little bit harder for me to kill it! But I love how she used her natural talents to love me well!

Tali uses all sorts of things which include simple materials like wood, paint, wood burning, spackle. The goal is to connect with people and an effort to stay present. Art is a source of joy and source of energy to give a piece to someone to say “I see you and you are loved.”

We love how Tali finds places to use her creativeness. I mentioned earlier we have loved all of her work with the Revive Retreat for foster and adoptive moms. She has created the backdrops and the centerpieces and the creative quiet time projects too. One year she created a backdrop which contained 6 canvases all knit together and displayed as one piece and then she gave the 6 pieces away. We were lucky enough to snag one of those pieces and it is hanging in our cottage studio bathroom. I keep joking that I need to snag one of the mates to that series.

Tali talked lots about how she finds the time to create her art. She started with a laugh and talked about how in this season of life she is learning that she has limits. They have chosen that their kids and home and homeschool are the focus. And those are the good choices they are glad they made. And while she is learning about her limits she shared that she also is learning that God is limitless. She is learning that her eyes are open to see new opportunities to use her heart for creative things. To do the things she loves with the opportunities that are already right in front of her.

There isn’t as much time and energy to create this into something more than what it is. But she has the eyes to see things that are already on the calendar. For example, if her kiddo has a birthday party. She can gather some clay and use it to string the beads and create the necklace. So then she is loving on her daughter. And her daughter is loving on her friend. And they are making good use of their time together while being creative.

Tali has a heart to use the small pockets of time in this season of life to make the impact that it can have. The temptation is to question whether or not the work is worth it. Are the small amounts of time making enough of a difference”

I jokingly made the interruption that as a recipient of her thoughtfully planted succulent with the words written “We’re rooting for you” as I was recovering… her thoughtfulness made such a huge difference in my day. And every time I walked by that resilient plant. (I know its resilient because I haven’t killed it yet đŸ™‚

I appreciate the sacrifice of time and talents. I love how she shows up all in with everything she has with the space she has. It is a beautiful thing. Tali shared that one of her favorite things about her kids seeing her create is them seeing her walking in a place of dependence on the Lord. This season for her is filled with the tensions of life that all of us are familiar so as it relates to her kiddos the space she allows her art allows those precious babes see her rely on the Lord to see and make beautiful things. She hopes her kids see… that really beautiful things come from us banking on the Lord and believing that he is who he says he is.

It doesn’t have to be fancy to be fulfilling

Love this… “It doesn’t have to be fancy to be fulfilling!”

About four years ago back when Tali had three kiddos under three it was a season of limited time. (friend I feel ya!) She had just come out of the foster parent waiting room and she felt a heaviness in the room. In this room there was a piece of paper with the quote…

“Nothing you ever do for a child is wasted” – that little piece of paper became her ray of hope in this season. It was on her heart to refresh this room. She called the social workers and asked if they could refresh the room for them. With some urging, they said yes. Tali gathered up some people to help team up on this project and give in various capacities through the gift of time, money and other giftings. One morning before the office opened this kind crew showed up… painted, stetched fabric over those bulletin boards, and added some furnature and cared about all of the details.

Tali’s favorite part was making that quote that had meant so much to her into a big old massive piece of art that she created with Holly Stavness. Tali said paraphrased … she loves how God took little me with this little dream of making this space into something more uplifting and turned it into something bigger. They were able to furnish 10 visitation rooms too. It’s the picture of what God can do when we are limited but God is not. And he can pull people together to do big things. It was a little marker for her to realize that if our eyes are open to serve the Lord well in whatever season you are in that can be used in big ways. Ways we can’t even imagine!

I loved her sharing this story because all those years ago Tali and I weren’t quite friends yet. But when she did this sweet project we have friends who were friends. So as they were refreshing this sweet space we donated some of our favorite blankets, and crib bedding and fun things to help support this good work. It’s so much more fun to serve along with others. And the reminder is that we can’t do this stuff alone. And we are limited in what we can do alone but there is a ripple effect when we stand in the things that we love to do and were created to do, and if we can use those to help others together we have such a greater impact.

It doesn’t have to be fancy to be fulfilling. You can show up tired and just work alongside of each other and beautiful things happen.

You can find Tali on Instagram at Abideartbytali where she shares the work she is working on. And it’s also a great place to learn more about her commissioned art pieces.

She is also joining us with an incredible giveaway! She is giving away this lovely piece of art featured in the photos above. Yay!!!

Giveaway has started and will end at the end of day on Sept 19th. Winner announced on the morning of Sept 20th. yay!




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