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There is something so special about getting a big family all together! Our goal was to get some great photos for their Grower Direct Nut Co website for their family business and I think we got some great shots, had a little adventure and lots of fun! These photos will be some that they will […]

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I am always so thrilled to have some fun with you guys! Thanks so much for hanging out with us and joining us for the giveaway! So it took me a few extra moments to pull a winner because… I noticed that the facebook commenting was a bit weird and grouping posts together from the […]

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I treasure every family I get to spend time with but this family session in particular is near and dear to my heart! Meet Jake Kamper and crew… We were able to gather together when they were all here for the holidays and create some fun family memories as we captured some great photos… I […]

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This little guy and his family have become very special to me! I adore him and how his smile and bright eyes light up his face. I was lucky enough to capture him when he was 7 months old… and he has grown and changed so much! It was such a beautiful evening as we […]

It’s like christmas… all year long! Last year Rhian got a pretty box from her Nana and it was filled with beautifully crafted hand made clothes. This box became a special box for Rhian to open whenever Christy has made her something special. Yesterday the box was filled with special things for both Rhian and […]

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