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Sewn with love – Treasures from her Nana


It’s like christmas… all year long! Last year Rhian got a pretty box from her Nana and it was filled with beautifully crafted hand made clothes. This box became a special box for Rhian to open whenever Christy has made her something special. Yesterday the box was filled with special things for both Rhian and me!
And we can’t forget my sweet bubs… who just loves to hang out full of smiles!!! His grins just light up his face {and mine!}complete with adorable scarf too!ok… so this quilt was in the box and it was for me… Yay! I absolutely love it! It is filled with such pop of color with a lovely vintage flair too it. I am so thankful for it!This is my typically silly girl!!! Who pretty much wanted nothing to do with the camera. I am so not above bribing so… I think she ate 1.5 packages of fruit snacks… It was so worth it!I am in love with these ruffles!Thank you Nana… for our beautiful creations!Here is another one of Christy’s special creations for Rhian… It’s a good thing that Christy has three boys!!! Can you tell she’s been dying to spoil a little girl? I’d say she’s spoiled!


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  1. Shelly says:

    Awesome and precious memories. Nana did a wonderful job!

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