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When I started out as an itty bitty photographer I photographed everything that I possibly could… anything that would sit still long enough to be photographed… was. That is how I fell in love with photography and how I learned more about lighting… settings… composition all of those things that create beautiful images… I feel this new year bringing back to the heart of where I started… that yearning to learn more… to soak it all in and to shoot what sparks a little flicker in my heart. One of my favorite parts of weddings besides all of the giddy love stuff are the beautiful details of jewelry, shoes and flowers especially if they have a story of their own to tell or special significance…

I simply love them and I want to get better at shooting them… challenge my creativity so that on the spot in the chaos of a wedding day I have more experience and skills to draw from… So that’s what this little blog series is all about… falling in love with the details all over again. And I just may… ok I totally am going to have to buy a new necklace or two. It’s called inspiration right?

I bought this set of earrings and necklace at Old Navy this year. Rhian helped me pick them all out and I think she particularly liked the earrings because of the sparkle and I love them because of the pop of color. I absolutely love have a little girl to shop with… she is just starting to enjoy a little bit of shopping and pretty much the girlier the better with her! I love this vintage camera too! It usually sits on the counter in our kitchen next to one of my favorite wedding photos from our wedding. But this cute camera came from my momma-in-law last year when I started collecting old cameras. These old cameras always make me get lost in my thoughts for a moment as I pause to think about when and what they photographed as well as who was the one taking the pictures. It kinda fascinates me! Anyway… I am excited to shoot and share some more beautiful details with you through out the year! And you may have noticed that I started adding a signature to the end of our blog posts… I am hoping Jared just may make an appearance or two this year! We will see…

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  1. Eryn Crawford Kesler says:

    I must say, I love the way you accessorize, friend! I love the detail shots, and can’t wait for more. Thanks for inspiring me to get better too!

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