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So… 2013 will be bringing some fun new things to our blog and to who we are as Kori & Jared… We want to infuse a bit more inspirations into our everyday life. This week I identified with this cute little quote that I found on pinterest… Let’s be a little transparent… this is coming from the girl who took three weeks to start my to-do list because I wasn’t quite sure how to set up the categories… I know… I know! But tonight I did it… I started my to-do list and my blog calendar!!! I’m thinking this year I may need to give up a bit more of the perfectionism… and enjoy a little bit more of the art of life!

The other reason that I think this quote is beautiful is because I kinda feel like it just might describe our little family and our adoption journey right now! I think Jax is pretty stinking wonderful! And yet our story… his story… the one that lead him home is anything but perfect. It’s tragic… loss that no child should ever have to face… This road of adoption has been more raw… far harder than I ever could have fathomed and yet I would do it over again in a heart beat to make that sweet boy such a perfect part of our family. Right now our story still seems so real and unresolved as we wait for our next court date which will be here in the next few weeks but I can hardly wait for the time where our foster – adoption will be official and our story will be one of wonderful permanence…




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