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Location… Location… Location… {Things to think about…}


Location… location… location…

It can make all of the difference for the session. I kinda feel like the location can set the entire feel of the session. I’m kinda a nerd and I am always… always scouting out new locations.  Whether it’s a trip to target and I take the back roads or I have also been known to load up the kids… grab a cup of coffee and hit the road. And Just drive. I work hard to try new places… discover new nooks in the world and offer something that’s a little bit different. There is something inspiring about shooting a new place.

I gathered some images from a few sessions over the years… they have a variety of fun elements and they are all locations that I stinking… LOVE!

I’m usually looking for locations that are different than what I have shot in the past… or I try to shoot a favorite location in a different way. Plus…  I’m watching for the way the light hits the location… and anticipating how it will hit the location during the session. I’m looking for color… new color… lots of it.  What I am constantly looking for in a location is whether or not I can get a couple of different looks without moving to a new location… And I am always making sure that it’s safe… and if it’s private property that we have permission to be there (that may be the mom in me 🙂 )

A question that we get all the time is… “how do we pick a location”? We get that for family, senior and engagement sessions. Most times with our family & senior sessions we have locations all picked out. But we like to know more about what “type” of look you are looking for…

Natural, Urban, Country, Downtown Building, Back Alley, Brick, Tall Weeds, Lush Greens, Barns, Orchards, Flowers…

These are just a few words that can help to describe your ideal location… And if we have a better understanding of what you have been dreaming of it can help us to deliver the best experience.


It’s official… I am in love with citrus groves… I LOVE them! It was my first time shooting a cute couple in them and love the lush green with the bright pop of color! I think I may love them more than Almond Orchards… Too bad they are so far away ( Temecula, CA)
I included this one of Rhi below… this past March I was on my way home from Target and I discovered this look… This was a barn that I have passed by for YEARS… and this time was like no time before! I was in awe of the purple wisteria and the way it swept over the barn. I knew I was under the clock to take some pictures here because of some storms rolling in… So I strong armed Jared into loading up the kids… again… and capturing some of our very own sweetness there. We totally knocked on the door and made friends with the home owner and I was so thankful they let us play!!!

With our engagement sessions we spend a bit more time in our consultation talking more about what look they want for their engagement session. Some couples turn to each other and laugh because they have never talked about it… and others can describe in detail what they are looking for. And then there are some who pick a special place to them… a place that has had significance in their relationship. Maybe it’s the place where he proposed or a place that they have spent time exploring together… but we love those extra special places too. Either way… once we know more of what our clients are looking for then we can plan the exact location. Sometimes that location is a pin on a map because it doesn’t even have an address. I can sometimes see the look in our clients eyes as they get out of the car… thinking is this really where we are shooting?… and by the time we are done and they see the finished images they are in love. It always makes me smile when a client says how did you find this… or  I never saw that… I think finding locations is part of the art of photography and creating an experience that is unique to you!

The other really neat thing about some of our favorite locations is that they change all year round… In the winter and spring they are lush and green but in the summer and fall they are more natural color in the weeds…

This location below with Joe & Julie is another one of my new favorites… I was on my way back from the Bay Area and I took an exit that I have never taken… and just explored. I discovered this little gem and I was so thankful they trusted me with it! It allowed us to get some shots with the yummy golden light seeping through the trees, the fun old wooden fences and structures and then we were able to walk to get the rolling hills in some of the shots too…I wanted to show these two sessions… One of Kyle & Kayla and the other of Trevor and Kayla… Two of my absolute favorite couples… and I asked them to hang out for a fun carnival inspired shoot… and I love them because even though we shot the same location on different days… I worked to offer different shots, angles and parts of the location to choose from…I picked a few from Beau & Rachelle’s engagement session because I loved them!!! And I also loved the location. We were able to explore the place and get a variety of looks for them to choose from… the big door, the swing, the telephone booth, the truck, the bamboo, the river… all within one beautiful location.Ronney and Sarah picked out their own location… and it was perfect! There were so many different little “looks” within the one physical location… it was incredible!John & Cailin picked out their location too… I really love it when couples have a vision of what they are looking for. Plus this location was a private property where they had spent time together at… they new the secret little ravines and we had so much fun exploring!!!And here is one last example of a location that the couple picked… Yaser went to UC Berkeley and they had spent a lot of their dating life on and around campus… so we spent a good deal of time hanging out on their gorgeous campus. I feel like it was totally them… and totally a reflection of their early dating life together!I I hope this little post on locations was helpful… Whether you are one of our family clients or engaged couples our locations are a very fun part of the whole experience!!! Hope this answered some of the frequently asked questions that we get about how we choose our locations and what to think about when asking for the look you desire!

I’m working on our next post about … what to wear and putting outfits together…



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  1. Melanie says:

    Just thought i would share the Fresno has orange orchards. Love the pictures and this post, great ideas for families to pick out their location

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