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A Few Fall Matilda Jane Mini Sessions


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I absolutely love hanging out with kiddos! They are just so themselves… from the smile on their face to the twinkle in their eye! I stinking love it! Here are a few of my favorites from two of our Matilda Jane Mini Sessions!

2015-09-09 Carri- Kori and Jared Photography-5212015-09-09 Carri- Kori and Jared Photography-5282015-09-09 Carri- Kori and Jared Photography-5462015-09-09 Carri- Kori and Jared Photography-5622015-09-09 Carri- Kori and Jared Photography-5712015-09-09 Carri- Kori and Jared Photography-5772015-09-09 Janell edited - Kori and Jared Photography-5072015-09-09 Janell edited - Kori and Jared Photography-5082015-09-09 Janelle- Kori and Jared Photography-5082015-09-09 Janelle- Kori and Jared Photography-5132015-09-09 Janelle- Kori and Jared Photography-527


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