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Friends – Let’s learn to ask for help together…


We are so excited to be sharing some stories of incredible people doing some incredible things especially in our community. We hope you are encouraged to do both big and small things to make an impact on the world around out.

We shared the story of my accident a few weeks ago and we have continued to just learn so much as we have walked through such hard stuff! Today I want to share with you a bit of a humiliating story! It is a God sized story because it’s a big ask… sometimes it’s the stories of things outside the norm that grab our attention and stay with us. Lots of people showed up big time for us. So hope you can get a light hearted laugh a bit at my expense too.

Two things that I hope you are encouraged in by this story is to…

1- Learn to ask for help.

2- Look up and show up for someone who might need it.

I had sustained lots of injuries. All sorts of broken stuff in my face and neck. As a result I had my jaw wired shut. After being in the icu for a bit they moved me to a regular room. It was at that time that I thought I was working my way on home so in my mind the natural step forward was to go from iv medication to oral medication. So when you are wired shut everything is liquid. And when I took that bright red liquid medicine the moment it hit my stomach it all came back up with force.

I has someone ask me in all of this. “What happens if you throw up” Sorry if you don’t wanna know. But you can think of it like… putting your thumb on the end of a hose. Your teeth are clenched tight. And it just sprays. EVERYWHERE.

At the time you are in trauma mode. I was broken. And one of the things I found comfort in was my special blanket from home. And it was now covered in puke.

It was pretty late at night. And I have no clue what prompted me to ask but I asked Jared to text a dear friend and see if she would be willing to come to the hospital and WASH my puke filled blanket.

Now- what? On this side of things I see how weird and crazy that is. It’s not something that is normal to ask. It’s gross. I’ll blame it on the meds because it doesn’t come naturally to me at all to ask for help. And yet I needed it.

Whats even more shocking than me asking… is this friend coming to the hospital late at night. Picked up my blanket and clothes. Took them home. Washed them and brought them back hours later complete with food and drinks for Jared.

Pretty Flowers from Lacee King of Prism Boutique

I was so humbled! We have felt the love of the Lord through the love of people. And people showing up in the ways that they did was so vital for our recovery. This feels silly and big and a huge sacrifice. I need that reminder on this side of things that there are people willing to help when you need it. And I need to get better at asking for help in those big things and small things.

I want to encourage you that if you are someone who needs help- please ask. Let’s get better at doing this together. There is incredible power when we come together as a community.

There is also incredible power in showing up for people. When people showed up for us it made such a impact. It was just so nice to know we weren’t walking this hard stuff alone. People showed up in such creative ways. And it is the reminder that I want to get better at showing up for other people.

People brought meals, legos for the kids, flowers, gift cards, juice, jamba, liquified pot roast (seriously a talent in it of itself!) another friend washed my hair, played games with the kids, walked the orchards with me.

Two things that I want to encourage you in today…

If you are someone who finds yourself in a position where you need help. Please ask. Ask the people around you. If you find can’t ask the people around you… Ask me! If I can’t tangibly help… I’d love to help you seek out resources to help you. We can work on getting better together at asking for help.

Secondly… look up. And let’s show up. Let’s be intentional together to see the people around us that might need help. Something as simple as a text, a note, a meal a walk around the orchard can make an impact. If there is someone you know today who might need something… take a few moments to do it. Take the time to show up.

I hope you are encouraged by my memorable yet super awkward story. I am so thankful for my sweet friend showing up for me in the hospital! It made such a difference to have that clean snuggle blanket by my side! (this story is also shared with her permission too 🙂

We also shared the story on our you tube channel…


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