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Wear the stinking hat!


Wear the stinking hat…⠀⠀
I bought this hat almost a year ago. I loved it. I’ve tried it on a handful of times each time without the courage to just wear the hat.⠀⠀
As we rounded up things for pictures I pulled it out. Tried it on and put my mind to it. Life is short. Why not wear it. I know… I know… it’s just a silly hat. And whether I wear it or not wear it really isn’t that big of deal.⠀⠀

But it’s more about my heart. There are little things all day long that I hold back from doing. Maybe it’s something that takes us out of our comfort zone… I want to get uncomfortable! Live a little. I need to keep choosing to do things that shake it up a little.⠀⠀

Whatever it is that you have wanted to do… do it. Don’t wait! Life is way to short to not wear the hat! Or dance in the kitchen! Or start a new hobby! Or learn something new! ⠀⠀
Maybe for you it’s not the hat… but something else you’ve wanted to rock. Let’s do it… Who’s with me? ⠀


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