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Stories with Kori – Featuring Heather of Mobaak Aromatherapy Shoppe


Heather from Mobaak Aromatherapy Shoppe is an absolute gem. If you walk into a room you can immediately soak in the delicious fragrances Heather has created! I love filling our home and cottage with her non-toxic products.  The monthly candle subscription is the best!

I was so inspired by our time together. The story of their organic growth as her shoppe grew from the farmers market and to their most recent location.  She is someone that just embodies getting outside of your comfort zone. And Believing in

Big dreams…  she continues to shake it up with her innovative products and heart to serve our community. 

I’ve also included this story on our YouTube too if you’d rather listen to it.

Heather’s products and heart to serve others through non-toxic living started when her littlest kiddo had heart surgery during her one-month hospital stay. She found herself in need of a way to diffuse essential oils and turned to create bracelets. It worked and she loved them.

Then her son needed help focusing in class and she immediately thought “bracelet.” She made the bracelet and then shared it on Facebook. She loved that they were pretty and useful. And as soon as she posted them they sold just as fast. 

Since then they have grown and changed so much. They had been selling at the farmers market and soon realized their desire for a shoppe. They have a full home fragrance line. They have a retail shoppe in Modesto and have an open production approach.  It was really important that they were transparent right down to the pour. Customers had been fascinated with all of the behind the scenes as they started out pouring in their garage so the open concept became vital to their shoppe design.

They have the facial line, home fragrance, soaps, bath and body. Heather shared that the crowd favorite has been sea salt. But her favorite is the pumpkin and toasted coconut. She loves fall and that scent is the perfect one to burn.

We agreed there’s never a reason to not burn a good candle 🙂

I am a big fan of Mobaak’s monthly subscription. They create a scent that is curated just for the subscription and it is only available for subscribers. It comes out once a month and it is exclusive to the subscription. It’s never available to anyone anywhere else! I have been loving the subscription. I joked with Heather though because I started by saying how much I loved it because it gave me the freedom to burn knowing that another candle was coming soon… but then the flip side of that is that if I’m head over heels for that scent I won’t be able to get it again.  We settled on it’s ok to just stinking burn it!

They work to be transparent in their workspace. But they also work to be transparent in what goes into the products as well. They have a passion for non-toxic living.

Heather wanted to introduce more options for people to use things that were not harmful to your body. She kept finding that soaps can include things that are NOT good for you.  So they continued to expand their product line as they have wanted to share more non-toxic things in their own home but also with customers.

I am just in awe of all of the different scents and things she has created! She strives to create one of a kind exclusive scents for customers. Even if you can detect a hint of something they work to have unique blends of scents. She loves to sit and create and test burn and watch people fall in love with them. She puts in a lot of research and testing into each product. She lightheartedly talks about the process of discovering scents that she loves and then scents that she learned she didn’t love as much.

It can be scary to take risks. Some of the best ideas come from a place where you have no idea how it will turn out.

A huge part of the process is finding a support system who will share their honest opinions with you. And having a willing heart to listen to the people who know, love and trust us. Knowing that we aren’t always right but taking that leap because even if we have one crazy idea that isn’t good there are 10 ideas that will work. 

We gotta keep going at it.

Failure is ok.

To not have everything worked out all the time is ok. It’s a lesson. You can look at it as a failure or you can look at from the perspective of you learned something.

You can find them in their shoppe in the Roseburg Square in Modesto and you can always shoppe in their online store here:

Heather is offering a fun giveaway!!! She is sharing a $50 gift certificate to her shoppe. You can come into the store and take it all in and experience all of the wonderful things that they have going on!

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