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Stories with Kori – Featuring Caitlin with The Mare and The Mule


Meet my sweet friend Caitlin of The Mare and The Mule. She sat down with us and shared her heart for all of the lovely things that pull a party together! She has a heart for people to be welcomed in and showered with love whether it’s through their cute horse trailer turned mobile bar or the sweet popsicle cart perfect to keep the kiddos happy.

We also want to make it easy to enjoy this story so you can read it here, or listen or watch it on our youtube channel here:

We discovered in our chat that we have been friends for 8 years now! 6 years ago I had the joy of capturing John and Caitlin’s engagement session and wedding. Their engagement session pretty much spoke to my heart as we did a little four-wheeling to get back to the river and then, of course, we had to climb out in it! I love their love for adventure and their love for each other!

When it came time for their wedding Caitlin had lovingly designed every detail! Collected all of the antiques and threw the party of the year! Just this week as I looked back through their gallery they created an event that marked the start of their forever! She has a heart for all of the details! I remember their first look like it was yesterday! So full of emotion and the second moment that I can still picture was when they were headed back down the isle John gave his momma a big ole high five. Loved every moment!

I have loved watching Caitlin over the years. They love all of the DIY projects whether it’s at home or with the Mare and the Mule they are so stinking creative. They have a horse trailer that they turned into a mobile bar for events. They wanted to create a way to bring people together. With a little blood, a lot of sweat and a few tears they turned this vintage horse trailer into an environment to bring people together to celebrate any of life’s special moments. They have the heart to bring people joy and gather together. They love using their trailer to allow people to pause and invest in the people and community around you whether it’s the mobile bar at an event or their push ice cream cart they love bringing those details together. Caitlin also does event styling and event coordinating so that she can take the stress off of hosts and allow them to focus on their event and their people.

Caitlin comes in and helps clients pick out some of the details with colors, and decor to tailor it to the heart of the host. She loves sharing the uniqueness of each hostess as she helps them plan each event.

I jokingly ask her how she started… And the real question was how she talked her hubby John into it…

This girl has a heart for hospitality. One day she was driving down the road with John and she shared her idea with him. She saw a horse trailer on their drive and she said she wanted to use it to incorporate a way to slow people down. Bring back the idea of Sunday dinners… Those moments that cause you to pause and lean into the people who are important. A few weeks later they were looking for a vintage horse trailer and they found “Wanda.” They brought her home and got to work.

As a family with the kids running around, they worked to turn her into what she is today with this labor of love and all of the hammering, sanding, and painting. She went onto share that when they started this project they were going through the Dave Ramsey financial plan. So the extra cash envelope was slim and they had to be so intentional with their resources in their budget. Ya know the whole “debt is dumb and cash is king” – Dave Ramsey. So they got to work using elbow grease to make their dream happen. They did it. Together.

The process made them be more intentional with why they do what they do.

I love that it wasn’t easy for them. They had to work within their budget. They did what they could with what they had. They worked hard. They were intentional. Despite the roadblocks! So if you have an idea… Work at it. Little bit by little bit. Put the work in. And you will see it all come together!

Caitlin shared that God always provided for them. When they kept their eyes on their purpose and being intentional regardless of what others are doing in the same market it gave them the freedom to love on each client. She shared how it’s ok for them to be them and to be who they are.

People matter. Keeping focused on people allows them to put the hours and heart in. They love the relationships they have cultivated through the Mare and The Mule. She talks about community and for her it’s not just talk. One of the ways she creates community is by managing the Ripon Farmers Market at Studio Joy. She works magic as she brings vendors together and creates a space with her trailer and in her everyday life collecting people, creating connections, and making sure people know they matter.

Have you seen their new ice cream push cart? They are looking to name it and they are hoping you have some name suggestions. How cute is it?

As we talked about the importance of pouring into your local community she is doing a giveaway designed to bring your people together! I’m adding a little something to sweeten the deal.

I am so pumped about her giveaway!

She’s giving away a Popsicle party. She will supply her cute push Popsicle cart and 50 Popsicles for you to invite your friends. She has the heart to bring people together!!! How incredible is that?

We love it so much we are going to offer to a little mini portrait session to capture the Popsicle Party (including 20 digital files!!!)

So that’s a Popsicle and Pictures giveaway for you and 50 of your favorite people! Step into sharing life with people and spark a little joy with those sweet treats!

Here’s how to enter:

1- make sure to follow @mareandmule and @koriandjared on IG


2- Like our giveaway post and share it to your story using the little share icon. (Make sure to tag us so we can see it) 


3- Then comment on our giveaway post telling us you entered and what you think she should name that cute little push cart Popsicle cart!


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