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Stories with Kori – Featuring Jamie Butler of the Butler’s Pantry


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Jamie is a wife and momma to two small boys. Jamie has her degree in interior design from Sacramento State and spent 10 years working in interior design as well as working in a larger store that featured kitchen and home goods. 

After having their first kiddo Jamie took some time off with her son. During those 7 months, she really reflected on what it was that she wanted to do. At the time the idea of owning a brick and mortar storefront seemed like a crazy idea especially as so many people shop online.

She kept thinking of retail… and there were so many questions and unknowns. She shared her story about waiting at the beauty salon and was looking at a magazine that talked about clothing trucks. Trucks that were designed to do their retail store on a truck. And that was 7 years ago when she toured clothing trucks in San Fransisco and LA. She did her research on what works and what didn’t. And that’s when she decided home decor might not work that way but she was going to sell kitchen items on the truck.

I remember meeting Jamie at a Christmas boutique years ago. She parked her cute truck at the from and sold her treasures out front while we had started our annual toy drive for foster youth at the boutique. So fun to see all of the ways that she has grown since then!

She shared that she wasn’t sure that selling kitchen items out of a truck would work. But it has. Even though she talks about people thought it was crazy but she was intentional about who she connected with to share her utensils. Jamie is a huge resource when it comes to all of the gadgets to help the prep work with cooking. Which became essential to the boot camps at Get Fit. I loved learning about how to speed up the process and prep more efficiently and have some fun while we were at it. Boot campers kept purchasing more and more from the truck.

The word continued to spread.

She was working on getting back to that brick and mortar storefront. And she did. She split the store with a friend selling children’s clothing. She kept taking those steps and moving forward. Then she moved into a different space and was able to bring in more home decor. She kept taking those baby steps forward.

As she kept taking steps and approaching it with a curious heart she expanded the shop in order to put in a commercial teaching kitchen. The goal was to showcase other local talents as others taught classes and workshops.  Jamie loved bringing people together around the table and yummy food is a great way to do that!

Jamie started with a heart to start small and really listen to what the community wanted. Start small and do it well and the idea evolves as you tailor your idea to what the community wants.

We changed directions with our chat a little bit and I loved what she had to encourage us with. As a business owner sometimes it can be hard to stand in your accomplishments but that we don’t have to shrink who we are to celebrate others. And it’s ok… it is good for us to be proud of what we have done!

Jamie was just selected to be featured with an interview and photos of her store in a national magazine. She shared that she kept thinking they had made a mistake in choosing her store out of all of the stores in the country. But she won the award! 

It’s so easy to downplay what we have done. And move on. And Jamie encouraged us that it’s ok to take the time to be proud. And celebrate the wins especially because they are a team effort. Your people and supports have invested in them too.

One of Jamie’s favorite podcasters is a chief and she has had her restaurant for years and people travel from all over the place to go to experience her meals but even she struggled with calling herself a chef. 

We can all learn from that. It is good to start small. Keep moving. And stop and celebrate those wins. Remember where you started so you can celebrate how hard you have come!

Be proud of what you have accomplished!

Jamie is joining us with a $100 giveaway for the Butler’s Pantry and the gift certificate is good in her retail shop or towards one of their classes! See our giveaway post on Instagram for all of the details on how to win!


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