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I’ve been waiting for just the perfect time to share this wedding and today seems like just the day! I’m on my way to Portland to spend a few days with a dear friend as I capture her family and we both go to the book launch party for my newest favorite book… Beginner’s Pluck […]

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Yay! Welcome to our stories with Kori today! We are so pumped to share the story of Chelsea Foy of Lovely Indeed. We had so much stinking fun as we talked lots and then headed out for a little adventure of our own. I don’t want to spoil a thing…  I first discovered Chelsea when […]

We have a passion for marriages. We are so thankful to be a part of so many wedding days! Such a joyful celebration and start to that forever promise. Marriage is good stuff and I keep saying it just keeps getting better year after year. There is something about building a life with the person […]

Today we have the incredible honor of sharing my time with Crystal of LOVE ALL OUR KIDS. We have been so encouraged by all of the hard work she is doing to connect foster care and family support agencies with the community around her. She is raising awareness of what the needs are with local […]

We have a heart to share the stories of some really cool people doing some really cool things… I get fired up seeing people passionately do what they were created to do. We believe that people and their stories matter. We know that life can be hard…. the day in and day out can be […]

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