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Today we have the incredible honor of sharing my time with Crystal of LOVE ALL OUR KIDS. We have been so encouraged by all of the hard work she is doing to connect foster care and family support agencies with the community around her. She is raising awareness of what the needs are with local […]

“I growd in your tummy, Momma?” He said?   I scooped him up into my arms and snuggled him tight and said “No, sweet boy you didn’t”   And then he said, “I sleep on your chest when I a baby?”   And I always say “Yes! you spent months snuggled up right here!” As […]

It is so hard to believe that Christmas is officially here! From our Family to yours… Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

I was so full of emotion the night of homespun… I literally sat on the couch with tears streaming my face as Jared and I talked through the night… (ok, it may have been partly due to exhaustion… 🙂 but mostly because I was humbled to be a part of such an incredible night. For […]

forever kind of love.

WE BELIEVE IN kitchen dance parties, endless exploration and the

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