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If you love life… seriously anything about it… this is for you! Pardon my passion for a minute! We have been searching hard to find things that we can bring you that we believe will rock your world! Here’s our heart – if you know me at all you know that my first love was […]

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For their engagement session we spent time capturing their love at Disneyland… One of their favorite places ever! I learned so much about Disneyland… and their sweet love for each other! They are soooo much fun… and are absolutely smitten for each other! Just look at the way they look at each other! Their wedding […]

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It’s not every day that I get a few moments just to soak in the world around me… but I try as often as I can. It’s pretty crazy raising our littles so I was excited to get just 5 mins after taking some photos of my own littles and my dad was brave enough […]

Earlier this week I was heading back from the bay area and wandered a bit… I always love discovering places I haven’t photographed before… I love sharing those places with my cute couples! It makes for a little adventure for both of us! So this is a place I found in the Mountain House Hills… […]

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This story is a special one for me. We have been cheering Casey + Meygan on for years as they genuinely challenge and encourage couples to invest in their marriage. They created Marriage 365 as a way to encourage growth as an individual and together as a couple. They have created online courses, walked couples […]

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