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It was such a sweet joy to spend time with Charlene in our little cottage hearing about her journey of becoming an instructor. How she worked hard to learn so much about how the body moves and how to improve that movement to gain strength, flexibility and endurance. Pilates felt scary in the beginning but […]

We love the Anchor + Light team! I had a chance to sit down with Daniel and hear all about why they love to do what they do. We have worked along this talented videography team for a long time!  Anchor + Light Films captures video of those real life moments. They specialize in weddings […]

If you’d rather watch her story than read it you can catch it on our you tube channel… Complete with photos and seeing her hand at work. But just in case you’re in a public place or you’d rather read than listen we have you covered too! Meet Holly. She is an artist, a calligrapher, […]

Ahhh we are so thankful you are taking a few minutes to join us! I kinda feel like a kid in a candy store or a momma with the first cup of morning coffee. We are sharing the story of Jamie from Culture Coffee Bar today! This is our first feature of sharing the story […]

We have a heart to share the stories of some really cool people doing some really cool things… I get fired up seeing people passionately do what they were created to do. We believe that people and their stories matter. We know that life can be hard…. the day in and day out can be […]

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