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I adore these two! Joy for life… and an excitement for each other! I’ve known Natalie for a few years… and I loved getting to know John + Natalie as a couple! Natalie just rocked her stunning natural beauty… and I even learned that John was voted best smile in high school and boy did […]

We love love… and we especially love the love of people we know personally! Justin & Alyssa are both special to us! A couple of weeks ago one of our kiddos pulled out one of my scrapbooks from years ago… back before we even had kids. I love sharing the adventures of Jared & I […]

I pretty much walked away from our session sooo stinking excited! I must say that they are a pretty incredible couple… So excited about each other… so excited about their future together so excited about their life adventure and I love it! It’s contagious! We had so much fun shooting out at the home where […]

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When I started out as an itty bitty photographer I photographed everything that I possibly could… anything that would sit still long enough to be photographed… was. That is how I fell in love with photography and how I learned more about lighting… settings… composition all of those things that create beautiful images… I feel […]

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I can’t hardly believe it’s here… Peter is graduating… When did he grow up? Meet my youngest brother Peter… Seems like just yesterday we were watching blues clues and playing with his pet chicken Fluffy… but right before my eyes he grew up… And I adore this kid… This kid who pretty much towers over […]

forever kind of love.

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