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Baby H is coming on home!!!


We got to meet HIS sweetness today!

I was full of excitement tonight so I had to make a stop and get a few new things for him when he comes home… I couldn’t resist this little onesie… how appropriate? He is definitely our Heuvel Family draft pick… going first round!!!

Let me back up a bit… Last tuesday morning our sweet social worker finalized our home study and sent it off to county. Through this whole process we have prepared for the worst case scenario at every turn… So when we got “the call” on Tuesday afternoon literally hours after our info went to county… we couldn’t believe it. Our adoption social worker met with us and presented his short bio… we pretty much fell in love! We immediately felt relieved, excited, in love…

He is 8 month old little guy… and completely adorable!

Honestly, there was a huge weight  lifted off of my shoulders… to know more about his case really put me at ease… we were expecting a lot more risk but we feel like there is so much protection in his case. There were so many things were better than we could even have planned for… things like the fact that he and Ryder are 13 months apart so they will be in different grades in school. Things that were important to us but things we didn’t even bring to the attention to our social workers. We made the decision last tuesday to move forward and learn more in a disclosure meeting…

We had to wait and wonder all week long… wonder what he was like… what he would be like when he met us… would he smile at us… would he cry when we held him…

That brings us to today… Jared and I anxiously met our adoption social worker, disclosure meeting coordinator, his case carrying social worker, the current foster momma and HE was there too!!! They went through as many details in his case that they had and we got to hold him and love on him. Jared gave him airplane rides… and he had the biggest smile. We confirmed our decision to move forward and we worked out a plan for transitional visits NEXT WEEK!!! He will come home with us on Friday. FRIDAY!!! It seems so close yet still so far away! We made sure they knew we were “ready” for him to come home… it was so hard to watch him leave… A little one that you have prayed for and planned for over the last year and to meet him, see him, hold him and then send him back with someone else is way weird! We still have a long road ahead of us in terms of court dates and decisions but so far adoption doors are opening…

So we continue to pray for him… prepare Rhian & Ryder to meet him and we will wait this week. I have never had an abundance of patience!!! But I think this whole process is building patience for sure and continuing to learn how to trust God with just the next step… and knowing that he will be gracious and faithful to our family!

We have been reading lots of adoption books and really talking about it with the kiddos. This week one of our sweet friends brought this book to us and I absolutely love it! I could barely get through reading it to the kids without getting all chocked up! My favorite part of the book… totally paraphrasing… said something about “when mommy brushed your hair (talking to her biological kiddos) she wondered who was brushing your hair and when she kissed your booboos (again talking to her biological kiddos) she wondered who was kissing your booboos.” I can remember a number of times when Ryder has woke up in the middle of the night crying out for me…  and I had prayed and wondered when our  future little one cried out who was there to take care of him… who was there to make him feel safe and loved. Soon enough it will be us working hard to love on him and we can’t stinking wait!

Mommy’s Heart Went Pop

We snapped this picture of Jared and I grabbing a cup of coffee right before our meeting this morning… Soon we will be a family of 5 and totally outnumbered!

Heuvel Trivia… With our new addition… our kids will have been born in 2009, 2010 and 2011 – I didn’t even think that was possible:0


Little Notes

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  1. Jana Long says:

    oh my gosh, getting all teary reading this! So happy for you guys! What a blessing for you and for him!!!!!! you guys are giving him such a huge gift (and God is blessing you too!) xo

  2. Beckie Woodfield says:

    Congratulations Kori, I am so so so so so so so so excited for you! I teared up a little reading this…this little guy is so blessed to be becoming a Heuvel!

  3. Rebekah Coldren Emehiser says:

    I have chills….I am so excited for your family. Can’t wait to meet him:)

  4. Amber Grover says:

    Makes my heart so happy! Can’t wait to meet your sweet boy! Praying for you this next week as you continue to prepare for him to come home. xoxo

  5. AnnaLisa says:

    What a beautiful story Kori. I am soooo happy for you and Jared. What a huge blessing. It’s so inspiring to read that you guys felt the calling to adopt, prayed and followed through with the call. Can’t wait to see photos :). xo

  6. Dianna Lynn says:

    YAY So happy for you guys! So totally awesome ;).

  7. Stacie Brewster says:

    you are truly glowing. so happy for you!

  8. Becky Ingle says:

    As a future foster/adoptive parent, this grabbed my heart. Overjoyed for your family. Please keep writing.

  9. Deanna Daniel Stoy says:

    Congrats Kori….Im so happy for you both! We will keep yall in our prayers!

  10. Angélica Geronimo says:

    Reading about your excitement, joy, and natural love for this baby is such a blessing….May the LORD bless every detail and give you peace as you go through all the necessary steps to the day your baby is home! <3

  11. Eryn Crawford Kesler says:

    This post totally made me cry! I love it, and am over the moon excited for you guys!

  12. Amy says:

    Wow, this is so incredible Kori! I am overjoyed for you guys. We will be praying for your family of 5 and we oh, so look forward to meeting this sweet boy

  13. Kelly Brown Hopkins says:

    So happy for you guys. What a beautiful begining to this story <3.

  14. Beth Daane says:

    Congratualtions Heuvel family! What an amazing blessing to everyone!

  15. Julie Hughes says:

    awesome. period.

  16. Kelly Ballard says:

    I am so happy and excited for you guys!

  17. Karen Stott says:

    Seriously crying… your step of faith for this has been so incredible to watch. Love you dearly… truly I do and I am sooooo happy for you guys!

  18. Lisa Hunsinger says:

    Just discovered your adoption blog and am in awe of the amazingness of God’s hand in your adoption process. Congratulations to you and your beautiful family on this precious little ones placement. Will be praying for all of you and can’t wait to see his sweet face amongst your family pictures. <3

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