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It’s A Boy!!! Big news for our little family…


It has pretty much been a whirlwind this past week! We haven’t said much about what has been going on because it has seemed like there were a lot more unknowns than knowns but today things officially changed! Today we became a family of 6… pretty much over night! Last week we got a call that Jax’s birth mom had another baby and Jared and I thought we may have some decisions to make. This all has seemed a bit overwhelming and honestly we had just started to feel like we had a handle on the three kiddos so the thought of bringing a brand new premie baby home was a lot to think through. All week we prayed that if this wasn’t right for our family… if this was too much for us…  that county workers would find a different place for him but that we decided that we wanted to open our home to Jax’s little brother if they needed us to. We also made that choice knowing that this sweet little one would start out strictly as a foster care situation and that this means we would be starting back at the beginning with this little guy. That means a TON more unknowns… That means a ton more risk. We made this decision knowing that this little guy needs us to be a safe place… this little guy needs us to be vulnerable to cover him in love…

When we first started going through this process originally we were open to twins or a sibling set just like this… so our license is actually for two kiddos under the age of 2… and we didn’t even really need to do much except set up the additional crib. We waited a few more days to find out if they would even place this sweet pea with us and Monday we got the call that they were going to place with us but that it was just a matter of time before we would get the placement phone call. Sure enough on wednesday we got the call that we would be able to go meet that sweet boy… We actually got to go to the NICU and hold him… stare at him as he slept… sing sweet lullaby’s to him… and take lots of pictures! Then today… today was the BIG day! Today we brought him home from the hospital!!! This is such a surreal experience especially because I feel like we haven’t really had a lot of time to mentally prepare for it.

We are pretty much absolutely in love with him already! I was filled with emotion today… pure delight as I actually caught a sweet smile of his on camera… I love snuggling this teeny tiny little snuggle bear… and I am so so so so thankful that we have gotten to share in his little story of life from the beginning. I am excited that Jax may have a biological sibling to do life with and I love that they will share that special connection. But in all of this excitement I am also a little bit sad… Today has been the reminder of all of the things that we didn’t get to share in with Jax… and sad that it took us almost 8 months for him to find his way home. I am grateful that he is here now and thankful for him in our family every stinking day!

Soooo Ryder was 9lbs 11oz when he was born… I pretty much felt like we brought a toddler home from the hospital… so this little guy seriously is amazingly little. I loved watching Jared love on him this week!

So thankful for him to be here with us… now let’s see how this first night goes… Sleep? who really needs that anyway?


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  1. Julie Story says:

    Such and amazing sweet story! Ah I love your incredible hearts of love, willing to serve and sacrifice at a moments notice.

  2. Angélica Geronimo says:

    :’) Tears….

  3. Rebecca Cisne Beidleman says:

    Congratulations! He couldn’t have found a better place to be! I want you to know how incredible your family is!

  4. Robin Bluett says:

    I love to read stories like this! How wonderful! I pray that he stays in your home with your love always and that the road to adoption goes smooth and easy!

  5. Monica Portanier Hicks says:

    Oh Kori! God sure has a plan for your beautiful family and the gifts will keep coming in abundance. Blessings to you and the hearts you fill.

  6. Jill Baldwin says:

    Hi Kori. I have been praying for you and your family this week. Let me know if you need anything. I would love to help. Meals? Blessings to you all!

  7. Emily Van Unen says:

    Love your <3 Hearts <3 Kori and Jared! He's a lucky little guy to have a home like yours! Rhian will be outnumbered but will have all those boys to watch out for her later on!

  8. Kristin Hagenah Miller says:

    sleep? Its totally over rated! LOL… I am so happy for you guys..and what an amazing start this lilone gets to have with you all loving on him as he deserves… what a blessed little boy…. HUGS,,,

  9. Melissa Scott-Bishop says:

    You are amazing people! Those two little babies are so blessed to be in your lives! Congrats!

  10. Keisha S Garber says:

    Unreal! Your family really is bursting at the seams and I love it. I wish I were there to snuggle these kiddos, all four of them and give a good ol’ massage to mama bear as well. I love you Kori Heuvel and I’m so proud of you for taking this on, despite the “UNKNOWNS” of what it will be/look like, you KNOW that When Jesus is for you… none can be against you.
    I see you are living out what Jesus desire in us, “Obedience” and I read a quote and still quote to myself “Obedience CAN NOT wait, but UNDERSTANDING can” sometimes we don’t ‘get it/understand it’ but God will make those unknowns known in His perfect ways. Hang in there, and ya “who needs sleep” 🙂 <3.

  11. lindsey Overlien says:

    Wow- very powerful Kori….my heart is SO touched. You are a true gem…I’ve always known that! My heart is so inspired by you – thank you for being you. God Bless, Lindsey O.

  12. Tiffany Dillon says:

    You guys are amazing Kori! Can’t believe how quickly your lives have changed and you seem to be loving every minute!! Good luck!!

  13. Jane Brinkman says:

    Congratulations! You just never know what you might learn if you spend a little time (on a quiet Sunday afternoon) browsing through Face Book! Oh my goodness ~ What a blessed couple you are! As are your 4 children!

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